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The new order 1945-1991

No description

Rosy Sierra

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of The new order 1945-1991

New World Order
Actor of power pole
–A single country or empire.
Another Actor of power pole are:
–A global or regional
inter-governmental organizations.

–An alliance.
new organization
1.The central power :
*establishes rules *dominates military and economy
*settles disputes between subordinate units.
*resists attempts to achieve independence
1.Oppose any actor or alliance that threatens to become hegemonic.
2.Negotiatinng or fighting increase power and minimally preserve your power.
3.Even if fighting, do notdestabilize the system by destroying another major actor.

•International actors can be
power poles.
Geopolitical order after the Cold War,
political ideologies and balance of powers.
Implies a so-called spirit of great power cooperation.
“We can say that a World Order, or an
International System, refers to the terms reached between countries to distribute power and interact with each other at a certain moment in time.” (González,2012)
* hostility
1.Try to eliminate the other block
2.Increase power relative to other (+ memners)

3 Power Poles
1.They try to have good relations avoiding hostility
2.They try to prevent close cooperation between the other two players.

Power poles
How the countries will distribute the power between them
Also an actor of power pole
can be:
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