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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

No description

Chelsea Katerynuk

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

"She was made up of all of these good and these bad things...She was the books she read in the library...Part of her life was made from the tree growing rankly in the yard. She was the bitter quarrels she had with her brother whom she loved dearly. She was Katie's secret, despairing weeping. She was the shame of her father staggering home drunk...She was all of these things and of something more...It was something that had been born into her and her only." Chapter 8, pg. 71
What is Poverty?

The state of being extremely poor
The state of being inferior in quality or insufficient in amount
The renunciation of the right of an individual ownership of poverty as part of a religious law.

- Job loss
- Gambling
- Divorce
- Substance Abuse
- Lack of Education
- Family Size
- Medical Bills
- Living above your means
- Credit Card Debt
- Unfair Wages

- People aged 15-24 start to abuse alcohol/drugs more than people over the age of 25

-Generational Poverty

Set Up
"Oh, God, don't send me any more children or I won't be able to look after Johnny and I've got to look after Johnny. He can't look after himself." Chapter 9, pg. 81
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn - Betty Smith
The book is separated into 5 'books', each one set in a different time period in the characters lives.

Book 1 ~ Opens in 1912
Book 2 ~ Goes back to 1900 ~ Parents first meet
Book 3 ~ Approx. 1915 - 1916
Book 4 ~ 1917 - 1918
Book 5 ~ Fall of 1918
What can
Plot Summary
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn ~ Betty Smith
~ 10 & 11 years old
~ Money rewards for Bottle Caps and Metals
~ Girls get an extra penny
~ 2 children (Nelley [Cornelius] & Francie)
~ Father is an Alcoholic
~ Money is tight
~ Father passes away
~ 3rd child is born
~ Schooling becomes an issue
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith
Social Issue: Poverty
Alcohol Abuse

1. The habitual misuse of alcohol

“With 393,000, or one in every seven children still living in poverty in Ontario in 2011, at least 71,000 more children need to be lifted out of poverty in order for the current target to be realized (Campaign 2000 Ontario, 2012).” (Community Strategy to Eradicate Poverty in Greater Sudbury –Update, 2012)
In the community?
~ Help local Shelters
~ Donate your time &
money generously

~ Set goals
~ Finish School
~ Educate Yourself & The community

There are 7.046 billion in the world and ...
Personal Experience

Nelley (Cornelius)
Thank You for Listening
So...Why a Tree?
"A new tree had grown from the stump and its trunk had grown along the ground until it reached a place where there were no wash lines above it. Then it had started to grow towards the sky again. Annie, the fir tree, that the Nolans had cherished with waterings and manurings, had long since sickened and died. But this tree in the yard - this tree that men chopped down...this tree that they built a bonfire around, trying to burn up its stump - this tree had lived!" Chapter 56, pg. 483
Chelsea Katerynuk
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