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Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes

No description

Meredith Barton

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes

Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes
Warm up
With your shoulder buddy, list
5 observations
3 inference
s about 1 picture of your choice.
Can someone tell me...
What is the difference between these two substances?
Let's Investigate Chemical vs. Physical
Tim & Moby will help us differentiate between the two!
Now that you know...
over the
with your
shoulder buddy
Answer the
"Section 3 Review"
that you glued to
page 18
of your notebook.
Today's Materials:
1) Interactive Notebook 2) Flashcards
3) Coloring materials 4) Glue & Tape
Date Topic/Activity Page
9.30.13 Chemical Properties & Changes 19
Paper #1
Paper #2
Chemical Properties & Changes
Get your materials READY!
Examples of Chemical Properties
Matter Can Change by...
Rusting, burning, exploding, rotting, baking, cooking, and more!
Let's get set!

"Chemical Properties & Chemical Changes"
notes to
page 19
of your notebook.


"Section 3 Review"
questions to
page 18
of your notebook.
Any characteristic of a substance that can be observed
when the
of the substance is
1) Reactivity with other chemicals 2) Toxicity
3) Flammability 4) Oxidation states
Ways Matter Changes synthesis sheet
DUE 10/1
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