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Copy of Copy of EMINENCE

No description

Bachana Shengelia

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of EMINENCE

undus –
ntegration of
Regions through
ooperation in Higher

The objectives of EMINENCE Partnership :
to develop abroad the qualifications of most motivated and talented students and staff and give them international experience , increasing this way their enjoyability at labour market;
to promote mobility of Eastern Partnership countries’ students from vulnerable groups in order to obtain qualifications and experience in the EU partner universities;
to contribute towards the development of human resources and the international co-operation capacity of higher education institutions in Easternneighboringg countries through individual mobility, which should not bring only individual benefits but also effect home university and society as a whole;
to enhance visibility of EU higher education in Eastern neighbouring countries in general and to facilitate integration into the European Higher Education Area and Bologna process of involved HEIs in this region in particular ;
to create and strengthen lasting links and collaborations between participating HEIs from EU and Eastern neighbouring countries’ that will result in actions and activities after the funding period;
to contribute to the mutual enrichment of both EU and Eastern neighbouring countries’ societies by exchange of people, culture, knowledge and ideas.
Georgian Partner institutions
Sokhumi State University
Grigol Robakidze University
Shota Meskhia State Teaching University of Zugdidi
Duration of project and number of scholarships offered
EMINENCE is granted for 4 years and will   offer 175 scholarships for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative) to be awarded for both sides candidates.
EMINENCE II has 155 scholarships.
TG1 - Nationals of one of the eligible EU or Third Countries who are registered/enrolled in one of the partner universities at the time of submitting their application to the partnership: Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution.
TG 2 -Nationals of one of the eligible Third Countries who are not from universities included in EMINENCE consortium- students need either to be registered in a HEI (not included in the partnership) of the targeted third-country or to have obtained a university degree or equivalent from a HEI of these third-countries .
TG 3 Nationals of one of the eligible Third Countries who are in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons. For example refugees or asylum beneficiaries with a certified refugee status (usually certified by relevant card or certificate, e.g. by UNHCR, ministry or other authority). A proof of the Target Group 3 status must be submitted together with the application.
For studies at Master level applications will be accepted as an exchange student (TG1) or for a full degree (TG 2 and 3). Applicants must:
be currently registered in a Masters course in a HEI within the partnership (TG1) or
have obtained a Bachelor or other undergraduate university degree (TG2, TG3).
For studies at doctoral level applications will be accepted as an exchange PhD student (TG1/TG2) or for a full PhD degree (TG 3). Applicants must:

be currently registered in a doctoral course in a HEI within the partnership (TG1), or
have obtained a Master or other graduate university degree or equivalent (TG2/TG3).
Mobility Types
BA 10 = Bachelor course for exchange studies only – sem- 10 months (TG1)
BA 36 = Full Bachelor degree for up to 36 months (TG3)
MA 10 = Master course for exchange studies only – sem- 10 months (TG1)
MA 24 = Full Master degree for up to 24 months (TG2,TG3)
PHD 10= PhD course for exchange studies only – 6-10 months (TG1)
PHD 22 C = PhD course as continuation of Phd studies already started to be completed with PhD degree awarded by host university (TG2,TG3)
PHD 36 NF= PhD course to be started from the beginning and possible to be completed with full PhD degree awarded by host university within the period of 36 months scholarship (TG2,TG3)
PHD 36 N= PhD course to be started from the beginning, completion with full PhD degree requires more than 3 years (TG2,TG3)
PD 6 = Post-doc fellowship lasting 6 months (TG1,TG2)
Staff =1 month (TG1)
Scholarships amounts
The scholarships includes:
-A monthly allowance - subsistence
- Insurance costs:  up to 75€ per month
- Travel costs: up to amount resulting from the distance between home and host country universities (between 250 and 1 500 €)
- Tuition fees for students of up to 3000€ per year Scholarship subsistence amount depends on level of mobility:
The deadline of online registration is 13 December 2013
The deadline of sending original documents is 27 January 2013

Find info about required documents and the link of official web-page at

Erasmus Mundus EMINENCE Programme-Georgia
Contact us, don't hesitate!
Adam Michkiewicz University - Poland
University of Montpellier 2 - France
University of Porto - Portugal
Technical University of Torino - Italy
Malmo University - Sweden
Babeș-Bolyai University
Rovira i Virgili University
Erasmus Mundus Action 2
ERASMUS is the European Union’s flagship ‘mobility’ programme in education and training.
An important milestone: Three million students have enjoyed the opportunity to go on Erasmus.
Established in 1987.
Overall budget 2014-2020: €19 billion (includes €1.8 billion for international cooperation)
Overall mobility opportunities: 5 million people
Volunteer and youth exchange schemes: 540 000 young people
International students: 135 000 students
Erasmus Mundus - Scholarships and Academic Cooperation
Action 1: Erasmus Mundus joint programs of outstanding quality at masters (Action 1 A) and doctoral (Action 1 B) levels including scholarships/fellowships to participate in these programmes;
Action 2: Erasmus Mundus Partnerships between European and Third Country higher education institutions including scholarships and fellowships for mobility at all academic levels;
Action 3: Promotion of European higher education through projects to enhance the attractiveness of Europe as an educational destination and a center of excellence at world level.
Erasmus Mundus 2012 for Georgia
Erasmus Mundus 2013 for Georgia

EMINENCE (2nd call)
EMINENCE II (1st call)
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