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The Flipped Classroom

Investigation into the teaching practice surrounding flipped classroom teaching methodology to engage students

Tracene Nechamkin

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Flipped Classroom

The Flipped Classroom More Learning, more engagement Teacher at the whiteboard, using PowerPoint, or document camera
Lessons delivered in school
Quiet students
Listening to the teacher
Homework is done....at home
Students try to work things out at home alone
No collaboration assignments
Teacher to student time is minimized
What was it Mrs.Nechamkin said today? Why not deliver the lesson at home and do the homework in school?
Use a site like Edmodo to deliver a lesson via video
Students do the actual work in school where teachers can interact and support them
Maximize the time spent talking with the students
Maximize teacher - student "facetime"
Maximize interactivity Teacher becomes facilitator
Students learn to take ownership of their learning
Allows for more differentiation
Uses technology to assist in learning
Match teaching to individual goals and support students in working to reach the goals
We don't have to teach like teachers did in 1912 Current Practice Flip that Classroom! More effective teaching "I am so glad to see teachers willing to learn to teach the way we learn instead of teaching the way they learned."
Tyler Nechamkin, 15 years old
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