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Go Ask Alice

No description

Janet Cardenas

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of Go Ask Alice

The diarist never states her name in the book.
The novel’s name was taken from a line in the Grace Slick penned Jefferson Airplane song, “White Rabbit”.
The lyrics say, “Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall.” The title refers back to “Alice in Wonderland” and is presented as an anti-drug testimonial. It also refers back to "Alice in Wonderland" in which the diarist enters a new unfamiliar world without knowing how or when she will get out. More Like The Editor Beatrice Sparks was born on January 15th, 1918, in Goldberg, Idaho and died on May 25th, 2012 in Provo, Utah. She was a youth counselor, Mormon, and an American therapist. Most of her published books are ‘real diaries’ of troubled teens. Topics from drug abuse to teen pregnancy or AIDS are presented in her novels. She is known as Dr. Beatrice Sparks, PhD even though it is not specified that she acquired her doctorate. Oh My,
No It Can't Be, Seven More.
It's All in my head.
Time To Start Working,
No more Chocolate or Lumpy Lard.
I Promise.

New Life, New Beginning, New Look.
Don't Want To leave My House,
But I Want To Start Over.
It's All In My Head.
Lets Move.

No Wait, Move?
Let's Move Back I Have No Friends.
Well One New Friend, Diary.
Its All In My Head.
Can It Be?
Another Friend
Yes, A True Friend.

But Camp?
Leave To Camp Instead out Hanging Out with Me?
Okay fine then Time For A Visit,
Back To My Old Life.
I'm Scared,
How Will They See Me?
This Is All In My Head. The Worries Of A Teenage Girl: Drugs, Weight, And Sex Why "Go Ask Alice"? It's All In My Head. Heroin, Tranquilizers, Speed.
I'm Not Addicted,
It's All In My Head.
Sex? Really?
No I Didn't?
Yes, It Happened.
Am I Pregnant?
No I've Gone Mad.
It's All In My Head.

Hold Up, I'm Stuck In Rehab.
Has it Really Come to This?
Nope It's All In My Head.
What Am I Saying!
It's Not In My Head.
It's Really Happening.
This Is My Reality. A Party? With Her?
I Can't Believe I'm Invited.
Let's Go.
A Game? Babysitting?
Oh No, LSD
I Feel It, Feels Good
No, It's All In My Head
But Why Can't I Stop Laughing The diarist begins her diary because she is in search for someone who will truly understand her and not judge her. In the beginning she is concerned about moving to a new city and tries to lose weight. While vacationing back in her hometown she gets invited to a party and is turned on to LSD’s. Soon enough she is doing everything from heroine to tranquilizers. The drugs make her feel as if she is intertwined with the world. Her friendships change throughout the novel— Greta, Beth, and Chris— are her attempts to find that one person that understands her. She ends up varying recovering and can not tell her parents about her secret life. She runs away several times while on drugs but when she comes home her parents welcome her with open arms. She eventually is enlisted in group therapy sessions at a mental hospital where she is finally able to open up. She then meets Joel and feels no need to keep her diary so she discards of her literary outlet. Synopsis The diarist problems are pertinent to the 1960’s because she is just an insecure girl who worries about the typical things, sex, popularity, and weight. She matures quicker than expected: her crush on Roger turns into a drug dealing affair with Richie and soon enough leads to prostitution for drugs. Joel is the only one she develops a fulfilling relationship with. She also is in the process of discovering who she truly is and what her purpose in life is, many girls in the 21st century have these problems also How Does It Relate To The Time Period? Symbols "He has his words when he wants to stress a point and that is all right, but let me say "man," and you'd think I had committed the unpardonable sin." (19).

"My mind possessed the wisdoms of the ages, and there were no words adequate to describe them." (56). Quotes The theme of Go Ask Alice a fiction diary, Edited by Dr. Beatrice Sparks PhD is that having difficulty in communicating your feelings and things that are going on in your life can build up inside and lead to horrible outlets of frustration. IVF Theme Summary Statement Mood The Mood Through out the Whole Story in "Go Ask Alice" is Drama and Suspense. Because It is a non- fictional diary of a teenage girl and life is very unpredictable, the events in the story cant be guessed and are not foreshadowed.
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