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Visit Pandora

Make a tour of my car, see modifications, details and parts. Happy zooming!

Marie-Andree Ayotte

on 14 August 2012

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Transcript of Visit Pandora

Make a tour Performance Esthetic Sound Sponsors Trophees 2011

Full Throttle
Best CRX/delSol

1er Best CRX/delSol
1er Best Girl Racer

Top 10 Import Cars
Best Girl Racer

Top 10 Import Cars
Best Girl Racer

AutoFest 2juillet
2e place Civic
Best Bodywork
AutoFest 3 juillet
2e place Civic
Best Bodywork Sherbrooke Sound'n shine
Best Honda Other
Best Girl Racer

DriftMania Montmagny
2e place Import Car

DriftMania, Victoriaville
2e place Honda Other
Best Girl Racer Spécialiste en système audio personalisé
Vente et installation de démarreur à distance
Vente et installation de système d'alarme
Disponibilité de pièces de performance V.I.P. detailing
Wax and compound DriftMania, Mosport, Ontario
Best Honda Other

DriftMania, Icar
2e place Honda Other

PhatRide Carshow
Best Honda Other 2 flat sub 10" 900W Clarion
Ampli 1820W Kenwood

4 speakers 6 1/2" & component EarthQuake

2 speakers 5 1/4" & component EarthQuake
Ampli 2x100W Suiss Audio

Radio TouchScreen HD, iphone friendly, DVD, USB
DeathMat : to keep up from bad vibe! 2'' lowering coils
Strud bars (under hood, under car front and rear)
SiR front brake conversion

Skunk2 Battery tie-down
Password:JDM Power chamber intake Civic 2001 Headlight conversion
Custom designed front bumper and lips
Custom texalium hood with flathood clip
Wide body front and rear (up t 4,5 inches)
Texalium side lips + side skirts
Lambo door kit (switch for a diablo kit for 2012)
Custom spoiler, shaded with the trunk
Buddy model rear bumer -modified-
Kandy Cinnamon color with Kandy rootbeer stripes -paint-
Orange neon undercar kit
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