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Primary Care Progress - Action Network Application


Pitch Kitchen

on 1 March 2018

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Transcript of Primary Care Progress - Action Network Application

Become a
Primary Care Progress is committed to strengthening the community at the heart of primary care. Through leadership development, advocacy, and community, we support the individuals and teams working to achieve better health for all.
As part of the application process , teams are guided to select a program that best fits their area(s) of interest. Programs highlighted in blue are administered by PCP’s partners in collaboration with PCP. A separate application form is required.

At the beginning of each academic year, the Summit marks the beginning of your journey with PCP. In addition to your team’s longitudinal project-based work and as you deepen your engagement with PCP, individuals can further their Relational Leadership™ learning by participating in the PCP Leadership Pathway.
Comprised of four key domains, Relational Leadership™ complements an understanding of systems science with an appreciation for optimizing our full breadth of interactions. It’s about establishing authentic connection, common vision, and trust – with patients, colleagues, and decision makers.
Relational Leadership™
The DAWN Clinic
At PCP, we believe that
authentic engagement
with each other and community through
action-oriented, longitudinal projects
. All of our programs are designed to affect change in significant and powerful ways.
In order to become an active PCP team, each spring student teams apply to participate in programs led by PCP and/or our partners. All programs are grounded in:
Catalyst Project
In partnership with the Wright Center for Graduate Medical Education, Catalyst Project teams analyze Community Health Needs Assessments and engage stakeholders in dialogues to identify ways to impact primary health needs in their community. As a result, stakeholders identify opportunities for local improvements in primary care delivery and create an action plan to catalyze collaborative change.
*Open only to current Catalyst teams for the 2018-19 academic year. *
Student Hotspotting with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Student Hotspotting gives interprofessional student teams from across the country the opportunity to spend six months working with high-utilizing patients in their communities while gaining Relational Leadership™ training to support their success.
Healthcare Hotspotting Meets High-Utilizer Patients
A collaborative learning community for PCP teams that are working on independent, action-oriented longitudinal projects. Teams are provided with ongoing Relational Leadership™ training throughout the year and are assigned a coach and a cohort of other teams from across the country to support their learning.

Leadership Pathway
As part of the process of applying to be an active PCP Team, student teams are guided to select a program that best fits their area(s) of interest.
Hawai'i PCP ‘Catalyzes’ Behavioral Health Integration
PCP’s Cohorts
Johns Hopkins
The opportunity for new teams to apply to become a part of the Catalyst Project will be available in the 2019-2020 academic year.
Interprofessional Collaboration in Action
An interprofessional primary care team can include people working in fields such as behavioral health, internal medicine, nursing, public health, and more.
Attend Summit
Teams accepted to be active PCP teams will be invited to the annual Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit —the official kick-off for PCP teams and their projects for the academic year. Participation by a majority of your team — including student leaders and faculty advisors — is required.
Programs administered by PCP partners may host separate launch events.
Your first step to getting involved in the Action Network is connecting with our Programs Team.
for an introductory call and orientation.
Learn more about PCP’s Action Network and team locations across the country.
Each team that would like to be considered for active membership within the PCP Action Network for the 2018-19 academic year must submit a team application. The online application will be open March 1, 2018 through March 19, 2018.
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