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Peeta Mellark

No description

Jaacqueline moran

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Peeta Mellark

By: Klojee Ross, Jacqueline Moran,
Jesus Silva , Angel Pozos Peeta Mellark Peeta is from district 12 but he is not from the seam he grew yp in the merchant area. Basic Information They have a lot of mines, caves, and lots of hungry people who are starving. Peeta has a mom and a dad and he also has two older brothers. Peeta likes Katniss Everdeen. Peeta is from district 12 but he isn't from the seam. He works in a bakery and he decorates cakes. Peeta is in love with Katniss Everdeen. Peeta is the baker,s son so Peeta works in the bakery. An easily recognized character type in fiction who may not be fully delineated but is useful in carrying out some narrative purpose of the author. Flat or round character Peeta Mellark is a flat character because he doesn't really change his personality or emotions. Helpful Peeta is helpful because he helps Haymitch to his compartment after he threw up. Pg.48 Chp 4 Characteristics Nice Peeta saw katniss one day and he gave her a loave of bread that he had burnt. Pg. 31 Chp 2 Mad Peeta was mad because his mom told Katniss that district twelve will finally have a winner but she didn't mean Peeta she meant Katniss. Pg.98 Chp 7 In love Peeta is in love because in the interview he tells Caesar that the girl he likes came with him. Pg. 130 Chp. 9 Sad Peeta is sad because Katniss got mad because he told the whole capitol that he likes her. Pg.134 Chp. 10 Caring Peeta is caring because when Katniss got stung by the tracker jackers he told her to run so Cato would get her. Pg.193 Chp.14 Hurt Peeta is hurt because he is wounded Pg. 247 Chp.19 Stubborn Peeta is stubborn because Katniss wanted to go to the cornucopia to get the backpack but Peets told her if she goes hes going to go as well. Pg.274 Chp. 20 Smart Peeta is smart because he camouflages into the tree when him and Katniss are in training. Pg.96 Chp 7 Happy Peeta is happy because him and Katniss won the hunger games. pg.345 Chp 25 He Changes because in the beginning he doesn't express his feeling towards Katniss. Character Development Peeta is quiet and he doesn't express his feelings as much. He is different at the end because he likes Katniss at the end because he likes her and everyone knows because he said he likes her on national tv. He starts to express his feelings toward Katniss when he got inteviewed. When Peeta just started to know Katniss he didn't tell her that he liked her until he got interviewed then thats when he revealed his feelings towards Katniss. Character Interactions He talks to Katniss Everdeen and Haymitch. When Peeta got interviewed he said that he liked Katniss Everdeen.Haymitch helped Peeta prepare for this interview. Not exactly its not the same character throughout the whole book there are differents characters in the book so its not the same character. Peeta throws a piece of bread to her feet and he recognizes her when they were picked for the hunger games. Yes the interactions progressed because Peeta and Katniss go to know each other little by little and then thats when Peeta reveals his feelings for Katniss.
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