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UNC Charlotte: Mooresville PV Solar Opportunity

No description

MainLine Solar

on 14 June 2012

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Transcript of UNC Charlotte: Mooresville PV Solar Opportunity

2012 Energy Opportunity GOALS
Develop well-balanced curriculums
Develop Energy Concentrations

Develop Multi-disciplinary Energy Students
Research and Development
Conduct applied R&D in the energy field

Focus on the multi-disciplinary nature of energy
Leadership in Energy
Develop network of industry champions
Creation of energy workforce pipeline
Priority in developing an energy workforce UNCC EPIC "within one year of signing this document, begin purchasing at least 15% of the institution's electricity consumption from renewable sources Target: 15% Purchased Electricity from Renewables within 1 year While many universities are looking for ways to incorporate energy into the curriculum, UNCC has already taken action in a big way... Facility is located in National Grid's West Central Massachusetts Load (WCMA) load zone.

Regardless of competitive supplier contracts, there are certain unavoidable costs Dow pays to National Grid each year. But what about Solar? Due to progressive state legislation in support of renewable energy development, partnerships with off-site, grid connected solar facilities within the area can help private and municipal users offset these costs to National Grid. Utilities once purchased more RECs, but are now compliant through 2018, slowing development ? ? Using off-site PV solar to offset electric costs MAINLINE SOLAR What we've been up to Economics 10-15 Year REC Purchase Agreement @ $30/MWh ($60k - $75k / yr varying with output, estimated 2,150 MWh/yr from "PVWatts")

10-15 year $1/yr Research space lease under one of the largest rooftop PV solar plants in NC (several options for location on site, up to 24,000 s.f.) MainLine Solar & the Mooresville Mill Project Seek a University Partner Alt. Energy Curriculum Focus Fueling tomorrow's workforce Dow Chemical MA PV solar plant Partnerships Generous tax credits available to for-profit entities willing to invest in photovoltaics, but only a minimal return on investment from the ongoing output of the PV plant (Duke PPA: 7-9 cents/kWh for 15 -20 years)

*MISSING COMPONENT* - Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) UNCC's Energy Production & Infrastructure Center (EPIC) Some of the most impressive partners in the industry... 1.6 MW Mooresville Mill Rooftop PV Solar Plant
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