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Copy of SPACE

No description

Tehaunui De Rosment

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SPACE

Is the moon hollow


Space Shuttles
Lunar Roving Vehicles
Rocket Boosters
Welcome to Space
Nasa.gov and Wikipedia
Title: Solar System
Author: Marcus Chown

Science Textbook
Thanks For watching :D

Solution To Problems
Food Supplies
Communication Links
Protective Clothing
-some scientists
believe aliens exist
-are they friendly?
-boosts the Orbiter into space
The Orbiter
-the main part of the space shuttle
-used to travel around the moon
-float around
Solar Radiation
Extreme Temperatures
-sometimes very cold
-sometimes very hot
-can get lost or hurt
Space Helmet
-protects head
-allows you to breath
Space Suit
-protects your body
-food is dehydrated
-beverages are packaged as
dehydrated powders, water is
added to beverages before
-able to speak to others
-ultraviolet can give sunburn,
melanoma, etc.
-used to move payload
-does repairs
-has cameras to take
-can carry two astronauts, their
equipment, and lunar samples
-carry crew members
-launch satellites

-the rockets will eventually fall off
and be reused
Benefits of Exploring
-new discoveries
-more knowledge
-less risks for the future
-space debris increase, threats
of more collisions increase
The moon as we know it might not be a moon.
Here are some reasons why
Now let's journey into one of those craters.
Now of course what you see here is not true... But you never know it might be.

Now the moon is a bit like the death star.
When they sent
Now the moon is a bit like George Lucas death star concept.
When Nasa did one Apollo mission, the command module from the ship crashed on the moon and the moon started vibrating, and rang like a bell for a couple of hour and only things that are hollow can ring.
Here are some theories about the moon and how it got here:
1.The condensation theory: The moon and the earth condensed together from the original nebula that formed the Solar system.
2.The capture Theory: In this theory the moon formed elsewhere in the solar system slightly later than the Earth. At some point it came close to the Earth and was captured by the Earth's gravity.
3.The Fission theory:The moon was once part of the Earth and somehow separated from the Earth early in the history of the solar system. The present Pacific Ocean basin is the most popular site for the part of the Earth from which the Moon came.
4.The Ejected Ring Theory: A planetesimals (or small planet) the size of Mars struck the Earth just after the formation of the solar system, ejecting large volumes of heated material from the outer layers of both objects. A disk of orbiting material was formed, and this matter eventually stuck together to form the Moon.
In conclusion I and Nathan and Sam think the moon is hollow. However we don't know about you. But we are wondering if you think the moon is hollow. And remember there might be aliens on the moon.
By Tehaunui Sam and Nathan
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