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The Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961

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Helen Pitt

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of The Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961

The Bay of Pigs Invasion 1961
What was the Bay of Pigs Invasion?
The Bay of Pigs Invasion was planned by the US to overthrow Castro and his followers. This was because the increasing friction between the U.S. government and Castro's regime led President Eisenhower to break off the diplomatic relations with Cuba in January 1961. The CIA had also been training Cubans who were against the revolution for a possible invasion of the island. John F. Kennedy approved Eisenhower's plan when he became his successor. But the US were outnumbered by Castro and they were captured or killed.

What did the result mean?
The result of the Bay of Pigs Invasion was that is was an embarrassment for Kennedy and the CIA; majorly because Kennedy had denied any involvement with the invasion in Cuba. Not to mention the fact that there was a huge loss for exiled Cubans because the U.S. did not back them up. On the other side, it was a victory for Castro and Cuba. This victory solidified Castro’s power over Cuba and making Cuba becoming a Communist country.

The End
Some Facts about the Bay of Pigs Invasion
1,400 exile Cuban’s disembarked at night and launched a surprise attack. Paratroopers would also be dropped in advance of the invasion and would disrupt transportation and repel Cuban forces.
The invaders were outnumbered by Castro’s troops; they were forced to surrender within 3 days of fighting
Castro’s regime was considered such a threat to U.S. interests that secret American operatives even tried to have him assassinated
Castro released 1,113 captured rebels in exchange for $53 million in food and medicine raised by private donations in the United States
It happened on April the17th,1961. Approximately 1300 exiles, armed with U.S. weapons, landed at the Bahía de Cochinos (Bay of Pigs), Cuba. Hoping to find support from the local population, they intended to cross the island to Havana. However, when the fighting started, it was evident that the exiles likely to lose. President Kennedy had the option of using the U.S. Air Force against the Cubans but decided against it as he had denied that the U.S. had anything to do with the Cuban invasion. As a result, Castro and his army managed to stop the invasion and by the time the fighting ended on April the 19th, 90 exiles had been killed and the rest had been taken as prisoners. The U.S.’s failure of the invasion was an embarrassment for Kennedy. Some people blamed Kennedy for denying the Cubans support while others blamed him for allowing the invasion to take place at all. After the invasion, Castro also grew wary of the U.S. as he was convinced that the U.S. would try to take over Cuba again.
What actually happened
The main purpose of the Bay of Pigs Invasion was to over throw the Cuban government that was under Castro and his revolutionary regimes. This was because the U.S. did not want Cuba to become a communist country, as they promised to help the other countries to not become communist. It was also dangerous to the U.S. to have an enemy's missile base so close, so they intervened to try and stop the missiles bombing the U.S.
What was the main purpose?
Cuban People:
It meant that the Cuban people would finally get their rights as humans and earn money and start businesses
It also meant that the Cubans were free from the US and did not live under their rule or power
They also received over $53 million worth of medical health care and food

The U.S. People:
Political disgrace for John F Kennedy and the CIA
Many people blamed John F Kennedy for not helping the Cuban exiles and invading Cuba in the first place
They ended up paying over $53 million to Cubans in medical and food ways- meant loss of a huge amount of money of the US.

What did it mean for Cuba and the US
How John F Kennedy denied any intervening with Cuba but they really did, which caused political, social and economical disgrace for Kennedy and the U.S.
How Kennedy didn’t authorise the planes to help the exile Cubans in the attempt of invading Cuba when he didn’t want Communism to spread and to stop Cuba being Communist
How much violence that was used when it didn’t necessarily needed to be used and could have been agreed upon in a civilized manner
What was the significance of the event?
In simple form:
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