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Author Study: Audrey Wood

A Prezi highlighting famed author Audrey Wood's contribution to children's literature.

Scott Babbitt

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Author Study: Audrey Wood

Audrey Wood Writes books primarily aimed at grades K-3
Her husband often illustrates her books Audrey with her husband Don Biography Beginning Years Born in Little Rock, AR
First memories are at the Ringling Brothers' Circus
Developed a creative mind from circus performer's stories & by being read to every night Childhood Briefly moved to Mexico; Spanish became her 2nd language
Parents had 2 more daughters
Decided in 4th grade to become a children's author Adulthood Became a professional artist
After 7 years of marriage, Audrey teamed up with her husband to create their first children's book together
Began to write books seriously when her son was two Characterizations All of her characters are modeled after people in her life in some way, including herself
Many of her books have outlandish plots and eccentric characters
Incredibly vibrant, captivating illustrations Awards Award Winning Books http://www.audreywood.com/books-written-by-don,-bruce,-and-audrey-wood/award-winning-books Reasons For Worth Engaging stories
Stimulates children's creativty
Opens the door to imagination
Encourages children to be unique Geographical Images Audrey's birthplace - Little Rock, AR Born on August 12th, 1948 Spent first few years in Sarasota, FL Moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at the age of 2 Moved back to the U.S. and now resides in Santa Barbara, CA Author Websites Personal Website http://www.audreywood.com/ Audrey's Blog http://www.audreywoodauthor.com/?p=48 Book Summaries Silly Sally Venture along with Silly Sally and her silly companions as they march toward town in bizzare ways. Dance a jig with a pig, play leapfrog with a dog, and even sing a tune with a loon. Playful pictures and pleasing rhymes take listeners and readers along on Sally's journey. The Red Racer After being teased by bullies about her rickety bike, Nona is determined to get the Deluxe Red Racer. Unfortunately, her parents won't buy her it because she already has a bike. Nona is suddenly tempted by a "wicked thought" about how to get what she wants. Piggies In this original bedtime story about ten groovy piggies, readers will be captivated as they watch the piggies romp from fingers to toes in funny ways. Personal Connection The Red Racer As a kid, my first bike was a hand-me-down down bike from my sister...and it was pink. I remember hiding my bike one time hoping my parents would buy me a new one. They caught on to my plan and bought me a brand-new, black bike for my birthday. Audrey, age 1 Audrey, Age 10 Don & Audrey Wood Student Responses Piggies Cut & Paste Piggies Activity
Give students activty sheet
Students color in piggies
Cut out piggies
Trace & color hand
Glue piggies to fingers
http://www.audreywood.com/books-written-by-audrey-wood/piggies/activities-for-piggies The Red Racer Silly Sally Read-Aloud Silly Sally Music Interpretation References "Audrey Wood Club House" --www.audreywood.com
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