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Polish - My Genealogy

The Journy of a young Israeli in Galicia, Poland


on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Polish - My Genealogy


My Genealogy Edited by Ofek Riemer Dynow Jews Office Born February 15th, 1888 Lives in Dynow No. 46 Son of Fischel Rymer, Glazier and Chane daughter of Josef & Goldy Wallech Godson of Hirsch Rymer I, Fischel Rymer declare Parenthood on this Chiled, the Witness is Samuel Bernstein Aron Rymer

Birth Certificate Got curious...

Met with Yehudit Hartman

May, 2010 Saddler = in German: Riemer 2 Jews were in Glazing in Dynow Glazing = Dynow Businesses 1929 I decided to go on a Journey to Poland My curiosity got bigger I contacted Cezary Bednarek A Jew from Lodz who googled

Prof. Waclaw Wierzbieniec who wrote a book on Dynow Jews from Rzeszow University So in the meantime I met the Lady in Haifa we scheduled a meeting Wierzbieniec Waclaw

to me
Dear Mr. Riemer

I want to meet you 2 nd September at 8.00 a.m. in Rzeszow: street Boznicza 2, The State Archive in Rzeszow (main entrance). The address the lady in Haifa is:
Lucia Retman Her name Lucia Retman, lived in Dynow she took me to see Ovadia Schnek (90)

in who's article mentioned my family's nickname "Die Oitzer's" (Treasures) Jerucham Fischel & Chane Riemer Aron & Tova Riemer Elimelech & Golda Riemer Mirel & Natan Werhaftig Sally Chaim Mali Asher Jehudit Jerucham Kalman Minah Golda To summarize what I knew Golda Aviad Ofek Josef "Galician Ben-Yehuda" Michah The successors of the Riemer family name 1899-1942 D. Belzec D. 1942 Kosztowa 1920-1942 Zloezow 1924-1995 My Goals became clear 1. Extending tree to older generations

2. Learning about Jews in pre-Holocaust Galicia August 31st 2010 A Poem I wrote Warsaw have survived no documents

from Dynow of pre-WWII In ZIH I was told Jewish History Intitute So I went down south to Rzeszow Rzeszow The Rzeszow State Archive too

didn't have much to contribute Plaque placed by Prof. Wierzbieniec & friends Preliminary

Stage Outset but Prof. Wierzbieniec sure had... And so the professor and I headed to Dynow King Jagiello monument
won grunwald battle (1410) Dynow Mayor and I promised to commemorate Dynow Jews (after re-elected) Mezuzah Human/Personal History 1 When the Nazis occupied Poland they took advantage of Jewish gathering in the Synagogue at Rosh Hashanah 1939, and set it on fire.

Others were chased and slaughtered in the streets or the woods nearby. Dynow Jews Survey of pre-WWII we went to the library to look up the mark on old house entrance Elimelech & Leja Riemer's Family (My great-grandfather's brother) Chaim & Sara Riemer's Family (My great-grandfather's brother) Wife, children's names not known in Yad Vashem 'Daf-Ed' Lived in 21 Sokola st. Lived in 21 Rynek st. All men writen as glazers, as opposed to '29 census Accurate birth dates I went looking for their houses... unfortunately the numbers were irrelevant Although Dynow didn't provide a wide window to explore my personal story

It did provide a glimpse to its peculiarity... The recently established "Bnei Issachar" Synagogue, in the outskirts of Dynow named after Rabi
Zvi Elimelech Shapira's book Project of Zbigniew Tobiasiewicz Mikveh Rabi's family's mausoleum in the first out of two tombstones-free Jewish cemeteries in Dynow Aron HaKodesh & Bimah The Amazing story of "Kozlowska Cemetery" Here in Kozlowska Family's backyard used to be a small cabin.
Upon buying the land in 2002, the family found the cabin's foundations were Jewish tombstones. A tombstone from March 1939 So the family demolished the cabin and extracted 13 well preserved tombstones The mother, Henryka, wrote numerous letters to Dynow mayor,to the president of the Jewish community in Krakow, and to
FODZ - a foundation aimed for preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland. We hereby ask for compensation on the amount of 52,000 Zl. as detailed as follows:
1. Hardware
2. Construction team
3. Storage (20 zl/day) All my trials to bring this sad/odd story to it's respectful end, have hitherto failed I left Dynow to visit another important town, both politically and personally - Przemysl On the train, I met Bartek, who took me in and showed me around Przemysl is a viable town with pleasant people San river saved Przemysl from initial Nazi occupation Serves as a National Museum Completely destroyed in 1939 "The Old Synagogue", Est. 1594 "The New Synagogue" Est. 1918 "Zesanie Synagogue" Offered for sale Est. 1909 Just as it did in 1939, only then 30% were Jews... Przemysl's population stands at 60,000 In July 1942 a Ghetto for the Jews of Przemysl and its vicinity was opened until it closed in 1943 Thousands of them were sent to Auschwitz and Belzec, In the town cemetery I accidentally came across this symbolic tombstone placed in honor of the Harfenist Family underlined is Samuel - Elimelech's father-in-law http://www.deathcamps.org/occupation/przemysl%20ghetto.html For more info on Przemysl during the Holocaust: Family Tree The pinnacle during my research I exchanged e-mails with a distant cousin, Ryan (Arnon) Kedar, who crossed Poland by bicycles He introduced me to Agata & Pawel, that showed me around Warsaw Their awesome apartment Sunday


at church The City Library Down-Town Warsaw Night Out The Touristic Venture Knowing almost nothing about my great-grandfather, Aron Riemer,
I started with a Google search
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