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The Bourne Legacy

No description

Michael Raths

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Series Matt Damon Paul Greengrass Greengrass thinks story is dead in the water Frank Marshall: What's the story? George Nolfi 2010? Thumbs down on Nolfi's script
Others tried, all failed Needed a Break Recasting? Based in Reality
Audience is too smart Tony Gilroy Squabble in The New Yorker
Gilroy VS Damon and Greengrass "A crime against the gods of storytelling"-Gilroy on Greengrass's failure of having Bourne atone for crimes "unreadable... I could put this thing up on eBay and it would be game over for that dude."- Damon on Gilroy's script for The Bourne Ultimatum Result? Whats the answer?? "What if you found out there was a much bigger conspiracy?"-Gilroy Tony brings in brother Dan Gilroy to co-write Idea of a fresh narrative
Created new character and a new franchise OUTCOME Who is the face of the franchise?? DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Darpa + Pharmaceutical industry= "This integrity that he has, this feet-on-the-ground awareness and this surprising, explosive intelligence, made Jeremy the perfect cousin for Bourne." - Gilroy on Renner "MOVIE ATHLETE" Leading Lady Rachel Weisz Who could be the Mastermind behind the entire franchise? World class actor Watched CIA screw everything up for 12 years "I liked that in this film he (Gilroy) was exploring the way that power is exercised in the nexus between corporations and government...questioning who's working for who." Norton on why he liked the film Location, Location, Location Move outside of Europe Action was to be placed where it was written Canadian Rockies to Southeast Asia Goal is not to Glamorize locations REAL AND GRITTY NOT FOUND IN GUIDEBOOKS Bring in familiars.... Kevin Thompson Robert Elswit -production designer -Cinematographer $1,000,000,000 in box office revenue with the Boure Series $1,000,000,000 in World Box Office sales "The Bourne Redundancy" $130,000,000 Manila Seoul El Nido, Phillipines Calgary Chicago Camp Pouch Kaufman Astoria Studios, NY Distribution USA and Canada Philippines Japan Argentina, Greece, Singapore Germany, France, Netherlands US Release Aug 10, 2012 Manila Release Aug 5, 2012 Opened in 3,745 sites
#1 !
33.8% of total gross Marketing To Bourne or not to Bourne TV & Theater Home Release Blu-ray Combo
On Demand
Digital Download US - $112,808,700
World-$239,308,700 Box Office Revenue EE The Last Gilroy Ellen Chenoweth -Casting Director Hardest part was the idea All technology referenced in the film is either in development or in use by the U.S. intel community Whole idea supported by research Articles and periodicals led to discoveries Would not have proceeded if research did not back up the idea in the story Needed to be able to act AND give the impression of a Killer. Many had one or the other, but they had one guy in mind that could do Both Biggest surprise was the critical wall they ran into Damon's comments were not accurate Build up a trust and a shorthand "Remember that guy from Michael Clayton?" "Main difficulty was finding a guy who would....not replace Matt, but be another strong element, a new operative." "There could be lots of these stories going on simultaneously."
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