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Murder Mystery Project

Murder Mystery Project

Kambria Hamilton

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Murder Mystery Project

Kami Hamilton
Murder Mystery Project
Computers 8
Ecsept Detective Agency
By: Kami Hamilton
7th Period
We Ecsept You
Murder Mystery Project
Some Information on Vernon C. Byte
Vernon C. Byte worked at Virus Busters as a software engineer. He loved what he did and knew alot about computers. He was known to spend all day at working his office doing work. Before Vernons death, he was very close to solving a virus that was going to go worldwide. He was staying very late trying to solve the virus before it was going to spread. Vernon kept bragging about how close he was to solving the virus and how he was going to get the extra 500 shares of stock Poindexter Chip promised to the employee that solved the virus.
What Happened the Night of The Murder
On the night of Vernon's murder, Dermot "Dusty" Jones was the person to call 911. The person to answer the call was Police Officer Krupinski. The only thing that Dermot said was, " Vernon C. Byte an employee if Virus Busters was murdered." There was no emotion. That is all Dusty had said, there was no panic in his voice, he wasnt worried, just his normal voice saying that his brother-in-law has died. We, the employees at Ecsept Detective Agency, found that very suspicious. Oficer Krupinski was also the first person to arrive at the scene. The only thing that Dermot did was lead Officer Krupinski to Mr. Byte's office, then left. He didn't say anything about leaving,he just left. Then Oficer Krupinski called the homicide team on his cell phone. The homicide team said that he was struck in the head by a blunt instrument, and was unconscious when he was strangled. The only fingerprints found in Mr. Bytes office were his, and the mouse cord was wiped clean. There was a heavy duty broom and dustpan found in the corner of the room.
The Murderer....
The murderer of this crime is no other than Dermot Jones. He was the only person at Virus Busters Inc. that late to have killed Vernon. Here is how he did it, since there was no one there, except Vernon and himself, he did not have to be quiet. He walked into Vernons office, Vernon thought he was going to clean. But instead of cleaning, he struck Vernon in the head with his heavy duty broom and dustpan, then set it in the corner. He went over to vernon to finish him off, and chocked him with his mouse cord. Since Dermot is the Custodian, he had the right tools to clean up his fingerprints and then call 911.
Why we think Dermot did it.
We at Ecsept Detective Agency think Dermot did it because, he was the only one there late. He had the right tools to clean off fingerprints, and he did not have a close realationship with vernon at all.
The Murderer Is........
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