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Seeds of Peace

No description

Aliah Tohami

on 8 May 2015

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Transcript of Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace
Global peace-building youth organization
Founded in 1993 by John Wallach
Summer camp takes place in Maine, US
Unaffiliated with any political party or religious institution
"Treaties are negotiated by governments, peace is made by people"
Every summer, SOP brings around 200 teenagers from regions of conflict to meet their historic enemies face to face.
Daily Camp Life
Music & Arts
Group Challenge!
The group challenge component of the camp compliments the dialogue sessions--it is a dialogue conducted in physical form.
Daily 90-minute long session
Moderated by professional facilitators
Subjects discussed are conflict-impacted
Dialogue is mandatory for all campers
Delegation Meetings!
Every Friday
One hour long session
Delegation Leaders, PS's, and Campers
Campers are given the freedom to process the camp experience as a group.

Culture Night
Music, clothing, cuisine!!!
Religious Services
Open for all campers to observe
Muslim & Jewish services on Fridays
Christian service on Sundays
Hindu service once
Life After Camp
Camp is only the beginning
The journey continues through year-round activities
Those activities, as well as camp, help enhance the capacities that future leaders should embody: relationships, understanding, skills, and action.
Regional activities include:
Recreational get-togethers
Community service events
Multinationals abroad
Contact us at:

Regional Director:
Heba Youssry: Hyoussry@seedsofpeace.org

Peer Support Campers:
Aliah Tohami: aliah_tohami@hotmail.com
Bassel Ashraf: Basselash@hotmail.com
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