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Paranormal Activity!!!

Isilsu Koseoglu ENG101- 114 21201874

Işılsu Köseoğlu

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Paranormal Activity!!!

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY -1 ABOUT THE FILM Background information about the movie Summary of the film ABOUT THE FILM Paranormal Activity was filmed in San Diego, at the director's own house. The film was written and directed by Oren Peli. It is not based on a novel. CAST Katie Featherston as Katie (herself) Micah Sloat as Micah (himself) Mark Fredrichs as Dr. Fredrichs (psychic) Amber Armstrong as Amber (herself) Ashley Palmer as Diane (girl on the Internet) In 2006, a couple (Katie and Micah) moves to a new house where is outside of the city. Katie claims that a ghost has been following her since her childhood and she still feels "its" existence and relates this with the strange sounds they hear everyday in the house. To learn the reasons of the strange sounds and to see what is wrong in their house, Micah buys a camera to record every activity in their house while they sleep or they are out of the house. After recording, they realize that there are super-natural things happening in their house while they are sleeping, especially around 03.00 a.m such as door moving by itself, demonic noises in the house, Katie wakes up and stares at Micah unreasonably for 2 hours and so forth. RELEVANCE OF THE FILM TO OUR COURSE TOPIC As I was watching the film, I could relate some specific things with 3 texts we read:
Fear: Can't Live with It, Can't Live without It by Scott O. Lilienfeld
The Lure of Horror by Christian Jarret
Monters Evolve: A Biocultural Approach to Horror Stories by Mathias Clasen In the text Fear: Can't Live with It, Can't Live without It, Lilienfeld talks about different phobia types. One of that phobias is Blood/Injury/ Injection phobia, which is the fear of blood, injury or deformities. We can see that Paranormal Activity includes this fear.

In one scene, Katie holds a cross in her hand, sitting on the floor like she is out of her mind. She holds the cross so tight that it makes her hand bleed intensely. In another scene, Katie is bitten by her demon in a very wild way, and the wound is shown in the movie. In the last part of the film, after killing her boyfriend, Katie's face becomes a demon's face. Which can be considered as deformity. In the text Lure of Horror, Jarret claims that our one of the biggest fears come from our ancestors, which is becoming a feast for a carnivorous In Parnormal Activity, this fear is represented when Katie becomes the feast of her evil and is bitten by it. As we get that fear from our ancestors the terror of the audiences increases after this scene In the same text, it is said that the pleasure that is got from horror, comes from the punishment of the immoral ones (immoral according to the viewers of the film) In the movie, Micah makes fun of demon. This can be considered as immorality for the religious audience.

At the end of the film, Micah is killed by his "girlfriend" (actually by the demon in her) and be punished like that. Also some of the audiences may see Katie's attitude as immoral since she lives together with her boyfriend before marriage and even before engagement.

And in the film, her body is taken over by a demon and she has a miserable life. In Monster's Evolve: A Biocultural Approach to Horror Stories, monsters are shown as one of the most important elements of horror. And ghosts are one of this monsters. According to the text, ghosts historically have been useful for explaining odd events such as missing objects, strange sounds coming from the kitchen or somewhere else before you sleep or during you sleep In the movie, the main point is these strange activities happening in the house of Micah and Katie. They buy the video camera because of the sounds and odd events (such as finding Katie's keys on the floor , Tv or lights turning on by theirselves...) And everything that happens to them is because of that ghost(demon) The relation of the film with our texts Produced by : Steven Schneider and Jason Blum
Budget $15,000
Box office $193,355,800
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