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Springboard Unit 2 - Terms

No description

Molly Seifert

on 9 January 2017

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Transcript of Springboard Unit 2 - Terms

Springboard Unit 2 - Terms
Plot Terms
Exposition - background information before the story begins
Conflict - this is the problem!
Complications (also known as rising action) - the conflict heats up
Climax - the turning point; everything changes the moment this happens
Falling Action - the part of the plot after the climax and headed toward the resolution
Resolution - The conflict is resolved.
Character Terms
Protagonist - main character

Antagonist - person or force that opposes the main character

Point of View
First person - is a character in the story and uses first person pronouns

Third person limited - is not a character in the story and only shares the thoughts and feelings of one character

Third person omniscient - is not a character in the story but shares the thoughts and feelings of many characters
Figurative Language
(start at 2:12)
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