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SPECTACULAR TEAM members PUBLICITY STAFF TRAINING The Hotel is located in the coastal zone of Puerto Vallarta, a 800m the mall is “SUN” only 1km this hospital “Rivera Maya” also nearby of the 5ta avenue where are the clubs and restaurants most recognized of Puerto Vallarta. * Give a conferences about the organizational structure Hotel.

*Give courses to people who are hired.

*Give advanced languages course.

*Provide manuals for to employer

*Interchange the employer for training.

*Skills dynamics.

*Practice a test the skills At our Hotel we have 150 room which are simple priced at $600 and ocean view $800, the double room costs $1000 and ocean view $1200, suite costs $1500 and ocean view $1700.

The single room has one bedroom and bathroom in which there soap, shampoo, T.V., one roper, internet, and a bed.

The double room has one bedroom and bathroom in which there soaps, shampo, a tub, druye, closet, T.V., internet, phone, and two beds.

The Suite has a room, a mini kitchen, mini bar, jacuzzi, T.V., internet, phone, room service, a closet, and a bed king size, and all bathorom amenities.

The room Honeymoon has one bedroom and bathroom and room, bed king size, T.V., internet, phone, decoration with roses and hearts. PACKAGES *Simple package: including transportation and food.

*Sport package: contains mountaineering, jet skis, snorkeling.

*Family packages: including lodging, buffet breakfast, museum visits or recreational parks.

*Packages for couples: contains lodging, buffet breakfast, discounts in extreme sports.

*Honeymoon package: airport, transportation a hotel, special room, romantic dinner, discounts spa.

*packages in group: double room, breakfast and lunch buffet, extreme sports, tourist guide service. Restaurant In our restaurant it is part of hotel “Paradise” in which has a dining, a bar, smoking area, playground, exclusive area.
We hare the services:
*national and international drinks.
*we have different menus every days.
*dail specials.
*we have adequate facilities, spacious and modern.
*troining personnel, recognized chefs.
*room service. NETWORKS @paradisehotel.com web pages commercial
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