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Habits of Mind 5B

No description

Kim Sebastian

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Habits of Mind 5B

The Habits of Mind
By: 5B G.A.T.E
The Habits of mind are things to do in life that are important to you and everybody around you. If you want to be successful in life then you should use these good habits.

copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
Communicating with clarity and precision is important, think about it. What do people mean when they say “That Thingy.” Is it the new dress your wearing, or is it the syrup you got in your hair at breakfast.
 What’s that? What? That “Thingy” over there.
 Be clear, 9 eggs + 10 eggs= 19, 19 what? 19 Eggs
 Strive for accurate communication

Listening With Empathy and Understanding
Finding Humor
Look at it another way!
Being able to generate & arrange ideas!

Why Dontcha Find Some Humor?
What did one body of ocean say to the other?
Nothing he just "waved"
"Sea" what i did there?
I'm "shore" you did
Haaay wutt r yew doin!?

About to throw a
dictionary at you face...
How 'bout some text humor?
Is it a bad sign if I can't read
the fine print on the shampoo
bottle anymore?
That's nothing. Last week I
stopped the car in the middle
of the road for 15 minutes to let
a hedgehog cross the street. . .
Then I realized it was a pine cone.
Not good enough for ya?
Go to the next frame for
more jokes!
Can't Get Enough?
Well, here's some knock knock jokes for ya!
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Me who?
Knock Knock
Who's There?
The man who created "knock knock" jokes
Deserves a "no-bell" prize
Tee Hee
Do you see two faces or a vase?
How do you make three liters with a five liter cup and a two liter cup?
Use games such as,
How many legs does he have?
Gathering Data Through all Senses

Gathering Data Using Your Senses is where you use your 5 senses.
(Sight, Touch, Taste, Hear, and Smell)

Taste. (mmm yummy yummy)

Feel. (Riding Ponies)

Remaining Open to Continuous Learning
It’s when you admit you don’t know something and try to learn it. For example: let’s say that you don’t know how to punctuate correctly. How you can help yourself to learn it is to #1 ask you older sibling to teach you, #2 practice doing it, and #3 push yourself to learn it.

Creating, Imagining,
And Innovating

It all starts with an idea, using IMAGINATION TO CREATE SOMETHING IN YOUR MIND to HELP THE WORLD. It is useful for thinking about making things new. I think it is a great skill for everyone because it shows them how to design objects in your mind.

Striving for Accuracy
And Precision

Using this skill is really simple. Though it is easy, it can help in a very short time. Basically, it means to try your best.

Questioning and Problem Posing
Ask "iffy" questions- What do you think would happen if?
What evidence do you have?
A game you can play is 20 questions or headbanz!

"Don't judge a man by his answers but by his questions."

When you are listening to someone speak the person you are listening to will feel satisfied that you are actually listening
1. *Sit up
*Look at the person talking
*Act like you care
*Nod your head
* Take turns talking

2. Hear all voices
3. say something meaningful
4. Listen with intent
5. keep the lines of thinking OPEN
6. Be Flexible in your thinking





* Family board games * kissing a snake
* trying new food * jumping off a building
* trying a new rollercoaster * running with scissors
* learn to swim (new sport) * give a younger sibling a knife to cut food
* traveling to new places * stealing
* learn new school subjects *taking too much medicine/vitamins

Thinking About Your Thinking
• Thinking about thinking is when You ask yourself questions before you speak
• For example when the teacher asks you to answer a question you should think before you speak

These are tips to think about before you speak
*Mentally rehearsing or practicing
*Exploring a variety of options
*Using past experience to inform your choices
*Monitoring and changing your actions as needed

Or you can use Managing Impulsivity


Negative Humor could be bullying or teasing.

So this would make it bad and against the rules in any school.

Negative humor would be making fun of someone behind their back (like bullying).
Positive Humor is the type of jokes you should use to make people feel good when they are feeling down or not a part of something.

You should be using this type of humor each and every time you joke with someone.
Thinking Interdependently

Thinking interdependently means that you can work with other people.

Your group must work together or
they will not succeed in their activity.
Everyone in your group must trust each other or
there will be problem.
Things will be difficult if your group doesn’t work hard.
Working hard will pay off sometime.
People will respect you if you are trusting.


*Persisting is not giving up no matter what
*laziness is the opposite of persisting
*no one would stop trying to persist if they want it.

Which side are you?

Responding with Wonderment
and Awe

*You have a positive attitude
*You see beauty in all things

Applying Past Knowledge
to New Situations

*Using what you know for new things
*Using this let’s you know the bad things
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