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The Odyssey Book 14

Chapter 14 of the Odyssey

Jaden Richburg

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey Book 14

The Odyssey Book 14 setting:
Eumaeus's house time:
during the day amd at night time:
during the day and at night This chapter is about Odysseus showing up at Eumaeus's house. Eumaeus just thought of him as a stranger but actually he wasn't. Eumaeus gave him clothes and food to help him survive, then they started talking about where Odysseus would be and what he is doing. Odysseus: A fallen hero
Eumaeus: A swine hearder
Eumaeus does not believe Odysseus is
Odysseus and so he tells Eumaeus to see
if he would believe him time:
day and night BA-Bam!!! Odysseus told the story of how he started from the battlefield and traveled back home, he got captured and the men that captured them failed because of the gods. Odysseus told how the gods helped him all through his travels. When they got done talking, Eumaeus did not believe the strangers story of Odysseus even though Odysseus was sitting right in front of him the whole time. By Jaden, Joseph, and Dakota. hey
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