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Bill Gates

No description

RC 13

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Bill Gates

Bill Gates
Born as William Henry "Bill" Gates III
on October 28,1955.
Date Of Birth
Place Of Origin
Seattle, Washington, United States
Parents and Siblings
Father: William H. Gates
Mother: Mary Maxwell Gates
Brothers: Libby Gates
Kristi Gates
Educational Background
Lakeside School
Harvard College
Bill Gates Professions
Software Architect
Jennifer Katharine Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates

Rory John Gates
Favorite books, Music, and Art
"My Years with General Motors" by Alfred Sloan
His favorite music include Frank Sinatra.
Bill has a knack of collecting the rarest pieces of art. Even if he has to shell out millions of dollars for that, it hardly matters.
Bill Gate's hobbies are to read, collect rare art pieces and
Bill Gates greatest accomplishment
Gates and Allen founded Microsoft in 1976. In 1980, the company inked a landmark deal with IBM to produce an operating system for its up-and-coming personal computer (PC). Microsoft bought 86-DOS from Seattle Computer Products, a Disk Operating System designed for
8086-based computers.
Bill Gates Worst failure
He allowed Windows Millennium edition to be released. The OS was definitely a reflection of the lack of talents from Microsoft. It failed the expectation of the people. It was premature.
Lasting contributions to the world
Bill Gates donated 30 billion dollars
to charity and started a foundation for orphans.
Bill Gates House
$63 million to build

Total value:
147.5 Million Dollars
By: Roberto
Melinda Gates
More Information About Bill Gates
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