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No description

jiyeung kim

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of LOVE


or something.
enduring sentiment
toward a person
producing a
desire to be with
that person and
concern for the happiness and satisfactions of that person."

new born baby.

around 6 month,
baby starts to distinguish
mom as different from stranger.
=>starting point of love.
they experience and learn
unconditional love from mother until 8 ,10.

erich promm
most abnomal behavior or
problem that happen before
this time can be traced to
whether they experienced
enough love from mother.
when mom's love is absent=difficult to replace
from 10 years,

children try to show love to their parents by giving or doing.
in adolescence, they start to learn that other people's need is as important as their own need.

it is important to love
others as well as
accept love!!

child love
I love you because i was loved
by you.

mature love
I get love from you because I love you.

Immature love
I love you because i need you

Attachment theory.

Mary Ainsworth developed John Bowlby's theory in her test "
Strange situation classification"


2)stranger comes
into the room.
mom leaves
3)mom comes back
stranger leave
4)baby is
It was criticized due to the possibility participants would give different responses when they are outside the test room
6) mom comes back to the room and stranger leave
comes back to
the room.
strange situation classification
2)insecure avoidant

they look independent.
he doesn't really care who is
in the room.

the mother figure =>
to the child's needs.
insecure resistance
dependent and clingy.
*they don't have good self -image.
*exaggerate their emotion to get attention
when they are upset
difficult to be soothed.
narcissism personality disorder
too much praise from
their parents in the past.
they didn't learn that
other people have their
own idea.
they look confident
low self-
no empathy and no altruism
erich promm said
most people regard love as being
than about giving.

both try to develop conversation skills, adopt an attitude of humility and competence and show that they are kind and don't intend anyone any harm.
the greatest disease
of mankind is the
absence of love
the modern age,
many people regard
love as something they
should purchase.
mom's love=>when it is absent=>
romantic love=> commercialized=>
means that there are good chances of encounter many people who is sick because of
Colbert M.D.,Don said love that bring healing is spiritual love. =>
I am worthless
1)secure attachment
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