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Flipped Classroom

No description

Sanci Teague

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Flipped Classroom

Creating Active
Learning with a

Today we will discuss:
Why we flipped our developmental RDG and ENC classes
What a flipped classroom does
Examples of flipped assignments
Outside homework and in-class activities
Kentucky Community & Technical College System
16 colleges with more than 70 campuses

Here we are!
"Transformation Strategy - Develop and implement an alternative model for the delivery of developmental/transitions education in reading, writing, and math, which is modularized, self-paced, competency-driven, and computer-assisted/lab-based." (KCTCS 2010-2016 Business Plan)
Reverse teaching model!

To learn about free online classes:
In class:
2. Brainstorm and pre-write for Synthesis Essay using Synthesis Chart.
Tips for Active Participation:
1. Create active atmosphere (JIGSAW the syllabus)
2. Create safe environment
3. Require involvement with participation points
4. Make EVERY activity count
5. Make students work for their own learning
Hmm, what
about this?
Cool idea!
Can we
add this?
You know,
that would
work well
with this.
So true!
do this!
And that
results in an
awesome project.
High Expectations
High Rewards
How We Learn

In class
10% READ
20% HEAR
30% SEE
50% SEE & HEAR
Megan Dotson & Sanci Teague
West Kentucky Community & Technical College
In a flipped classroom, lecture takes place outside of the classroom.
Students watch videos, read texts, complete study guides, answer questions at home (BEFORE CLASS!)
Concept engagement takes place in the classroom with help of instructor.
Just another student
Paducah, KY
At home:
1. Go to www.udacity.com
2. Browse course catalog for any course
that you find interesting
3. Watch "Preview this course" video
4. Make a note of the course title
and provide a brief description.
5. Read article, "College is Dead. Long Live College!" by
Amanda Ripley
In class:
1. Think-Pair-Share

Answer these questions:
What is the title of course?
Write a brief description of the course.
What did you find interesting or
uninteresting about the video?
Based on the video, would you be interested in taking this course even if you had to pay for it?
Is the course more appealing
to you because it is
completely free?
Why or why not?

I hear and I forget
I see and I remember
I do and I understand
- Ancient Chinese Proverb
by William Glasser
Reading Example
(watch at home)
(read at home)
(complete at home)
(beginning of class)
(in class activity)
More examples
on handout!

Flip me!
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