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Golden Ratio


Paris Ryan

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Golden Ratio

The Golden Ration is exactly 1.61803398875 but it is rounded off to 1.618 The Golden Ratio And The Human Body The golden ration refers to many things and one of which is the human body. It refers to body parts such as the the fore arm and the face. For example the Mona Lisa. it is said that when Leonardo Da Vinci first started to paint the Mona Lisa he started off with a perfect rectangle equaling to the golden ratio(1.618) and he painted her face inside of the rectangle. This is said the be the perfect shape or face in this term of description. It is also said that if your face adds up to the golden ratio that you would be more attractive than others without the perfect proportion of the golden ratio in their face. The Golden Ratio In The Human Body The Golden Ratio in the human body also relates to the fore arm. If the golden ratio has been measured correctly the measurements from the elbow to the wrist would be 1.618cm, and the measurements from the wrist to the finger tips would be 1cm if correctly measured. The Golden Ratio During my research i found that the egyptians built the pyramids around the golden ratio. the egyptians believed that if they built the pyramids in exact proportion than the gods will not be disappointed with them. the egyptians also believed that the deceased would not make it to the after life if the pyramids were not to proportion of the golden ratio. Reflection
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