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Oktoberfest in Deutschland

No description


on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Oktoberfest in Deutschland

in Deutschland Oktoberfest Wann beginnt Oktoberfest?

Wann endet Oktoberfest? Oktoberfest begins each year on a Saturday in September. Wo findet Oktoberfest statt? 1. Munich
2. Bavaria
3. Germany Was kann man beim Oktoberfest sehen und tun? Was kann man hier essen und trinken? Was ist die Geschichte uber Oktoberfest? It was the prolonged festival to celebrate the marriage of King Ludwig I. Wie viele Leute besuchen Oktoberfest jedes Jahr und woher kommen sie? Between 6 and 6.5 million people visit Oktoberfest each year from around the world. Endet 16-18 days later. Diese Jahr it beginnt 22 September 2012 Diese Jahr it endet 7 October 2012 viele Leute! Would you like Oktoberfest??? A little Introduction... Ludwig's Royal Party Modern Munich celebration 16 days, six million people, and some great big tents "Die Geschichte" King Ludwig I, wanted his people to share in the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. Munich's annual celebration is still held in front of the city gates. The tradition of food and beer, started in 1818, is still continued and probably the most significantly developed aspect. Then... ...and now Modern beer halls can hold 5,000 people a piece, sponsored by breweries. Oktoberfest opens with a grand parade, and features traditional dancers, performers, the Rifle's Procession, and music! 3 interssante facts uber das big Fest? 1. Items lost at the Oktoberfest included:
“680 identity cards and passports
410 wallets
360 keys
265 spectacles
280 mobile phones and 80 cameras
one set of diving goggles
one set of angel's wings
a superman costume
four wedding rings
a long-haired Dachshund was also found roaming the festival ground, but was later reclaimed by its owner. 2. 6.6 million liters (1.74 million gallons) of beer were consumed, for the 6 million visitors that attended this year; that's an average of 1.1 beers a person. That doesn't include non-alcoholic beer, mulled wine, and other beverages. 3. The Munich Oktoberfest takes place on the 103.79 acre Theresienwiese fairgrounds, which uses 2.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity (14 percent of Munich's total consumption), and 237 million gallons of water during Oktoberfest.
In 2004 it produced 978 tons of trash. Wo kann man in den USA Oktoberfest feiern? Pennsylvania Bavarian Oktoberfest
Near Pittsburgh
Friday, September 16 – Sunday, September 18
annual festival in downtown Canonsburg, Washington County
German and local acts
delectable German and International foods
craft vendors
amusement rides for kids of all ages
the Sunday afternoon Bavarian Bike Run.
Frei! Oktoberfest at the Kentlands
Near Washington D.C.
October 14, 2012, noon – 4 p.m.
Kentlands Village Green, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
The City of Gaithersburg and the Kentlands Citizens Assembly sponsor this family friendly Oktoberfest
Bavarian music
dance, food, crafts, pony rides, moonbounces
pumpkin decorating, face painting and more. There is plenty to see and do at Oktoberfest:
People can eat food
wear costumes
visit the famous beer halls
watch parades
go on fun rides
listen to concerts! People can eat:
roast pork
Beer is the most popular drink!
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