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Air pollution

air pollution transportation

amariah shair

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Air pollution

Global Air Transportation, how many times a day do you use transportation?
Do you know how much pollution you are producing just driving to places? Modes of transportation are the main cause for the air pollution we have today. Transportation produces a ton of carbon dioxide. I'm not telling you to stop driving or stop going on vacation. I'm asking you to understand the issue and do something to change. Can you change yourself in time before something life threatening happens? Why would you wait for that to happen and then do something? Why not start now? modes of transportation IMPACT How does it impact humans in their daily life, the land, the animals? so many questions, so many answers. Air Pollution caused by transportation has affected all of us. People have asthma, lung cancer, heart disease and sick people breathe in bad air which cause them to become even more sick. Trees are dying, air pollution affects their habitat, their food, and their water, the things that keep them alive. Animals are also affected, they can smell and breathe in gas, eat food or drink water that is dirty and they absorb the air through their skin. Who did this to us? who is polluting our home? You and I, we all are, it doesnt even make sense. We destroy our own home. How can it be!!!! Do we even realize what we are doing! How can stop or at least cut down. DID THIS Did you know......... - in the U.S car emmision killed 30000 people in 1 year
- SUV's produce 43% more global warming pollutants and 47%
air pollution than a average car
- transportation produces 1/3 of Canada's air pollution
- every year over 15 million cars, trucks and other vehicals drive through Canada each year GOBAL AIR, CLEAN IT UP! What can you do to save the world? Is there even anything to do? A lot of people ask the same question" why do i have to do it? Why can't someone else do something to change the world, there are 7 billion people and I have to do it":( Is that really the way to act when you're trying to save God's creation? Why should you ask other people to do it when you can do it yourself, make a change for the better. We can do many things and they dont have to be big, sometimes it's the simple things that can make the difference. We can turn off our lights when your not using them, while you are waiting turn off the car. Many people are starting to use hybrids and are cleaning the allready polluted air, some machines can even filter out the air. People are begining to clean up and YOU CAN HELP. WHY SHOULD WE CARE?? Earth is our only home, we need o keep it alive to keep us alive. There is no other planet that will do this, earth is the only one with breathable air, land, water and protection. You have everything you could ever want why would you want to throw that all away
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