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Teaching with Technology

Presentation to the Mann Library Educators

Barbara Friedman

on 9 February 2010

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Transcript of Teaching with Technology

Teaching with Technology
You're planning to teach,
and thinking about technology.
Do you even need technology?
How do you select technology?
Where do you start?
Hint: Call Academic Technologies. This is what we do.
Always remember...
... Technology is a TOOL.
Who's your AUDIENCE?
What's your GOAL?
What are your CHOICES?
What's the CONTEXT?
Large lecture?
Small seminar?
Grads? Undergrads?
Presenting material?
Engaging students?
Standalone class?
One session of a someone else's class?
Conference-style presentation?
Your topic (research?)
and that of the class
CMS (Blackboard)
Polling (clickers)
Quiz tools
Tutorials (Softchalk)
and LOTS of others
Which tools?
All library? Blended?
Who will provide it?
Source Material
Questions are
Lots of choices here:
Blackboard, Softchalk,
even Google Forms
Softchalk is a great choice!
"Test yourself" quizzes built in
Copyright issues
CIT can help!
Always have a Plan B
Keep the goal in mind
Have fun!
Instructional technologists
Student Technology Assistants (STAP)
can help you select and use technology
can prepare audio / video
can prepare Softchalk tutorials
can help with clickers and other technologies
can get you started in class, on request
There are some questions to ask
0ptions to choose from
And things to remember
Try using Jing video to
illustrate your point!
It should ENHANCE the lesson (not distract!)
Students should spend their time learning the
MATERIAL, not the technology!
Make an estimate.
Double it.
Take section 508 compliance into account!
How will you know you
were successful?
What do you do
if things go in an
unexpected direction?
Do you need to
make special
Some things to think about
The Unknown
What do the Students Know?
What do your learners
already know, and how will you
find that out?
Blackboard Quiz
Connections to Make
Activity 1
Problem Solving
Activity 2
Compare the two activities.
BB, Hot Potatoes,
Google Forms, etc
You are contacted for assistance by a Professor who had a bad experience last month.
She believed her undergraduates’ claims of “We know everything about using online databases to find scholarly articles.” The grades however, suggest their database skills are all over the map. Upon your arrival, the Professor states, “I would like you use technology to remedy this situation.”

How do you proceed?
How do you know when your use of technology is successful?

A) Students are more attentive and participatory
B) Students’ questions reveal higher levels of thinking
C) Students’ work flow is reasonably smooth, not bogged down
D) Other
E) All of the above.
How much technology is too much?
Talk about...

Which, if any, of today’s activities was most beneficial to you?

A)Being introduced to different software/hardware products
B)the problem solving session with partner
C)“Taking” an online quiz as a class
D)Using i>clickers
What is a not-so-great use of i>clickers?

A) Asking opinion questions to generate discussion
B) Quizzing students' factual knowledge
C) Obtaining information about the teaching process on the fly
D) Taking attendance
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