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Cassidy Jo

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Halloween

URL: howstuffworks.com
Q#1: What does the word Halloween mean?
A: The word Halloween means "All Hallows Day."
Q#2: Where does the largest Halloween parade take place every year?
A: The largest Halloween parade placed every year is located in New York City.
URL: jazzhostels.com
Q#3: What is Samhainophobia?
A: The meaning of Samhainophobia is "The Fear of Halloween."
URL: yahoo.com
Q#4: Where does the name jack-o-lantern come from?
A: The name came from an old folks tale.
URL: cherbearsden.com
Q#5: When and where was "Trick or Treat" started?
A: In a newspaper published in Blakie, Alberta on November 4th, 1927.
URL: strangequestions.com
Q#6: What were the 3 most popular children's costumes sold in 2005?
A: The 3 most popular kid's costumes sold in 2005 were the spiderman, princess and the witch.
URL: csmonitor.com
Q#7: What were the 2 most popular adult costumes sold in 2005?
A: The 2 most popular costumes sold in 2005 were the witch and the vampire.
URL: csmonitor.com
Q#8: What Halloween treats do children like least in their bags?
A: Children least like roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds in their bags.
URL: yahoo.com
Q#9: What and when is Guy Fawks Day?
A: Guy Fawkes Day is the anniversary of the Gunpowder plot.
URL: infoplease.com
Q#10: What do Spanishpeople put on graves to bribe evil sprits away?
A: Spanish people put cake and nuts on graves.
URL: brownielocks.com
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