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Making Innovation Sustainable

Brunch Bytes presentation

Gordon Fletcher

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Making Innovation Sustainable

Making Innovation Sustainable Gordon Fletcher
@gordonfletcher Some examples drawn from
research projects and
knowledge transfer partnerships Research Project - QR Codes: A business solution solving no real problem? KTP - Mobile Service Representatives

Systems development and implementation project
Priority placed on management reporting
Connecting reps to base proposed but never happened
Direct benefits still to be realised and efficiencies gained

Academic vs Strategic perspective? KTP - e-Law System

Ongoing project
Attempt to address the mobile market as clients
Underlying changes required to organisation
Marketing project, visionary concept or
strategic change? KTP - Print-on-Demand System

Configurable 'on-brand' point-of-sale material
Desire for mobile delivery
Project 'locked' into proprietary renderers lending
to cost factors vs open source SVG approach Sustainability with Innovation
or (equally)
Strategy with Vision KTP - Analytics

Measure all the inputs for a campaign or brand
Metrics of activities between/across devices
Influences represented by other data (e.g. weather,
holidays, etc)
Earlier days but having to make some operational decisions (e.g. Twitter trends) Mintzberg (1978) distinguished between between deliberate (intended and realized), unrealized (intended but not realized because of misinterpretation or changes in expectations or environment) and emergent (realized but not intended) strategies. Papanek’s (1985) separates different forms of thinking with his ‘analytical thinking’ mirroring strategic management and judgmental and routine forms of thinking aligning with what is described as operational management.
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