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Business Capstone Presentation -Erie

Presentation for Business Capstone Unit

Alissa Cass

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Business Capstone Presentation -Erie

Success Measures and Conclusion Finance & HR Marketing and TQM Introduction and Company Performance ERIE Business Capstone
Presentation Q&A? Amanda Di Iorio
Alissa Hinchliffe
Simon (Chun Kit Lee)
Dan (Dan Zhao)
Patrick O'Riordan Cumulative profit currently is at $118,847,606
33.45% Market Share
6 products: Eat, Ebb, Echo Edge, Egg and Eya
Maintain corporate social responsibility
Remain sustainable
Minimise environmental impact
Give back to the community
Adapt to the changing needs of our stakeholders Company Performance To be the forefront leader in developing premium products for the high technology sensors market, that not only provide quality performance but provide additional benefits our consumers demand, including sustainability.

To be the forefront leader in developing products for all segments of the sensors market, that not only provide quality performance but provide additional benefits our consumers demand, including sustainability. Erie’s Mission Largest investment was made in the earlier years.
Built steadily on this in the following years, though this needed little investment.
Invested the optimal amount so there were no diminishing returns. TQM Joint venture between myself and Simon the head of Production and Research & Development

Forecasted based on the worst case scenario Sales Forecasting Competitive pricing strategy
Invested in Sales which increased accessibility
Invested in Promotions which increased awareness

Market Share 33.45%
Leader in Traditional,
High-end and Size
Second in Low-end and
Performance How we achieved market share? Marketing Intent: to target the high-end market.
Opportunity in the low-end market
Links to the Multimedia cases for the Compass group, Charles Woolmington.
Broad differentiator strategy
Now target the whole market and aim to have the largest market share. Marketing Further target the Performance and Low-end segments so we have the largest market share in these areas.
Continue to seize opportunities.
Continue to invest in accessibility to keep this 100% and awareness to keep this in the high 90s and if possible 100%.
Continue to invest in TQM to optimize Erie’s performance. Marketing going forward Material Cost Reduction 11.77%
Labor Cost Reduction 13.96%
Reduction in R&D Cycle Time 39.96%
Reduction in Administrative Costs 60.02%
Demand Increase 14.40% TQM: Cumulative Impact R&D and Production Result of Market share Production continued Substantial Performance of Production Strategy continued Transformed
and shifted Round 6 Round 4 Round 2 Strategies:
Maintained the ideal position (moved slightly further)
Created one brand new product R&D development and its strategies Erie is awarded an AAA bond rating. Stock price increase from $34.25 in 2013 to $103.89 in 2019
The average increase rate is 12.3%
EPS increase from $2.09 in 2013 to $10.74 in 2019 Stock & Bond Debt to equity ratio

Debt to asset ratio Finance:
Cash Position & Capital Structure Cash position Lower debt to equity ratio less risk
Lower debt to asset ratio higher rating of bond Objective Continue issuing common stock and pay back long term debt As sales revenue increases, no current
debt any more At beginning phase, prefer long term debt to get avoid of bankruptcy Strategy Capital structure Strategy : high recruiting spend & training hours

Objective: increase productivity Human Resources:
Productivity Index & Labor Negotiations Thank you
for listening. ERIE Conclusion 1 – Respect for core human values
2 – Respect for local traditions and communities
3 – The belief that context matters when deciding what is right and what is wrong. Ethics Cumulative Profit 9%
Average Market Share 20%
Average ROS 20%
Average Asset Turnover 8%
Average ROA 15%
Average ROE 8%
Ending Stock Price 8%
Ending Market Capital 12% Success Measures Revised Mission Statement in 2014: Mission Statement 2013: Productivity index ERIE erie Research & Development
Human Resources
Total Quality Marketing Capstone Labor negotiation
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