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The Social Network Revolution

No description

Emilie Sharp

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of The Social Network Revolution

The Social Network Revolution
Social Networks predate technology
The Social Network Revolution came First

Social Network: a set of relations among network members

Society is made up of a tangle of networked individuals

Networks are a fluid form of social structure
Twitter as a
tool to facilitate collaboration
3 categories of
Twitter users..
How weighted do you believe technological determinism is in terms of social networking?
Do you think Twitter is a "noisier" environment than Facebook?
Widespread Connectivity
1. Automobile and airplane trips have made travel wider- ranging and broadly affordable, helping spread social networks world wide

2.The Rapid growth of affordable telecommunications and computing has made communicating and gaining information more and more personal

3. The General outbreak of peace
and the spread of trade have
driven commercial and social interconnectedness
Group Boundaries
4. Family composition, roles, and responsibilities have transformed households from groups to networks
Increased Personal Autonomy
Information Sources
Friends (including family, co-workers and strangers)
Information seekers
Intentions of Twitter Use
Do you feel overwhelmed? (We do!)
Do you use different platforms for different collaborations?
What are the limitations of collaborating through social network technologies?

Which one are you?
The @ sign and Addressivity
Twitter is a
It is multi-participant and public.

Messages can be fragmented in a way not experienced in face-to-face communication...

BUT this is not always negative some CMC users find this stimulating
Functions of
the @ sign
According to the reading of the whole sample period
of tweets with an @ addressed an individual opposed to having another function
Other (swearing)
In 2013 this is a reality...
Consider the use of Twitter in this course and businesses/organisations having social media communication channels
In 2009 Honeycutt
& Herring predict that

social network technologies will start to be used in formal collaborative contexts.

Honeycutt & Herring
suggest that...
Do you agree?
What modifications would you suggest?
"Design modifications could make microblogging platforms such as Twitter more suitable for collaboration"
A relationship break up?
Your holiday countdown...
What are your experiences with collaboration on Social Networks?

How is life treating you as a networked individual?
The Future of Twitter
Applications on Twitter
Bridging and bonding ties are the most integral part of the network and allow information to flow fluidly throughout
What Twitter can be for us?

Where is it going?

What would you like to talk about?
Twitter chat that provides discussions and a collaboration for the digital marketing industry
Katy Perry Pepsi
Using the 'twitterverse' to give control to fans, have competitions and bring them together
Ad campaigns based on real-world, real-time public interest found and promoted over Twitter
Related Headlines
Relevant links below newsworthy Tweets, users can find out more on the topic
Keyword Ad Targeting
Targeted advertising to users who Tweet specific words or phrases. Give away and discounts become an avenue for free promotion.
Twitter Amplify
Allows brands to re-promote their TV ads on Twitter and track campaign success
a. Facebook friend
b. Twitter follower
c. Face-to-face friend
a. Facebook friend
b. Twitter follower
c. Face-to-face friend

A collaborative possibility for Twitter
This is to do with being able to more easily communicate over long distances and how this facilitates social interconnectedness.
movement away from formal organisations and societies like church, community groups and even family units.
essentially the
belief that people have adopted a DIY mentality in reference to their personal affairs
7. Work has become flexible in the
developed world, especially the
shift from pushing atoms in
manufacturing to pushing bits
in white collar “creative” work

8. American Society has become
less bounded by ethnicity, gender,
religion and sexual orientation

9. The decline of defined benefit
pensions and the rise of independent retirement accounts

Exist in
'Little box' societies
A group is a shortcut for how we think about our relationships: stereotype
Google Buzz: made private relationships public
“Social reality is relational. We are not a set of individuals moving past each other as disconnected grains of sand. Instead, these relationships are parts of fragmented partial networks rather than embedded in solitary groups.”
Raine and Wellman, Networked page 39
Opinions about the news
Political Opinions
a. Facebook friend
b. Twitter follower
c. Face-to-face friend
a. Facebook friend
b. Twitter follower
c. Face-to-face friend
5.Structured and bounded voluntary organisations are becoming supplanted by more ad hoc, open and informal networks of civic involvement and religious practice.
6.Common culture passed along through a small number of mass media firms has shifted to fragmented culture dispensed through more channels to
more hardware.
Daily Chatter
Sharing Information
or URLs
Reporting News
The individual has
become a "portal
to the rest of the
world" as they
provide bridges
for other friends
to enter other
social circles
a. Facebook friend
b. Twitter follower
c. Face-to-face friend
Getting Fired

How do you feel about being in networks not groups?
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