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Oil-Pollution in Venezuela

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on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of Oil-Pollution in Venezuela

Oil Pollution in Venezuela
SS6G2: The student will discuss environmental issues in Latin America.
a) Explain the
major environmental concerns
of Latin America regarding the issues of air pollution in Mexico City, Mexico, the destructionof the rain forest in Brazil,and
oil-related pollution in Venezuela.
Oil- Production
one of the world’s leading producers of oil
has been producing oil for about 100 years.
Produces about 3 million barrels a day

Economic Impact
The amount of oil being produced is great for the economy, as it is the main source of income for most of Venezuela.
The US receives about 15% of its oil from Venezuela.
Money from oil sales accounts for about 50% of government income.

Environmental Concerns
Venezuela's coast is polluted with oil. This has hurt the enviroment in the entire region.
Fishermen can't fish due to the polluted waters around the coast.

Lake Maracaibo
The largest lake in South America.
Due to the oil production in the area, the land near the lake is changing. The eastern shoreline is dropping close to 3 inches a year.
The government is trying to keep the water in the lake from flooding nearby homes and towns.
Environmental Concerns in Latin America
Health Concerns
The burning of oil and fossil fuels contributes to the production of carbon dioxide.
Venezuela leads South America in carbon dioxide production.
Carbon dioxide build-up is believed to contribute to global warming.
This causes breathing problems, especially in young children and elderly people.

Oil-rig on Lake Maracaibo
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