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a prezi explaining Aldous Huxley's writting style.

Efia Tekyi-Annan

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of BRAVE NEW WORLD

Aldous Huxley Biography Other Writings Authors Style Birth July 26th 1894 Died November 22nd 1963 Born in England died in the U.S came from a prominent well known family After many a Summer Won the James Tait Black memorial prize for fiction. Madame Curie (1943) writer for
Pride and Prejudice (1940) Crome Yellow 1st novel (1921) Point Counter Point (1928) Do What You Will (1929) Brave New World After move to the U.S Huxley stopped writing purley fiction started focusing on essays to express his feelings 1958 Brave New World revisited 1952 Devils of Loudon 1962 Island 1963 Literature And Science (essays) 1954 published study of consciousness expansion through mescaline 1961 bush-fire destroyed his house and papers Novels Essays Synopsis for Alice and Wonderland rejected by Walt Disney to complex Writes according to personal events How he feels at the time Personal Theories Leader of Modern Thought Intelluctual high rank Keratitis Punctata left him temporaily blind thats when he began writing Pacifist themes Eyeless in Gaza, Ends and Means(1937) society agress to liberty peace, justice, and brotherly love Introduced to Vedanta through the principle of ahimsa Became a Vedantist and wrote a book based on spiritual values and ideas Perennial Philosophy Became friends with the president of OCcidental College 1960 diagnosed with laryngeal cancer Wrote a Utopian novel Island 1950s interest in psychical research later essays and novels influenced by mysticism and experiences with psychedelic drugs Brave New World (Soma) Pioneer of self-directed psychedelic drugs "in search for enlightenment" witty criticism of socitey combination of brilliant dialogue, cynicism, and social criticism Thoughts made him one the most "fashionable literary figures of the decade" People he has met mass-hysteria and exorcism in the 17th century Tarzana College in " After Many a Summer"
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