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Stand Out: Tips to Help You Land an Interview

In-Service Fall 2011

Janessa Barbian

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Stand Out: Tips to Help You Land an Interview

Stand Out: Tips to Help You Land an Interview

Janessa Barbian
Assistant Residence Director-Frontier Hall
University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Goals
Share advice for industry experts
Share some of my personal experience in the my job search
Help you get an interview DANGER DANGER! The Simple Musts Strengths Questions? Poor Grammar and Spelling

Find a second set of eyes
Check the Details! Being Unprofessional

Use Linked-In
Take the process serious
Positivity Lack of Research
Interview the Company
Know what they are looking for.
You get the job...now what? Only Job Searching Relying on the Internet

Real People are Key! Perfect Resume and Cover Letter
Who are you?
Under/Over Selling
Warning: Too Creative? Follow Directions
Delivery Method
Requirments Keep Applying Know What is Important to YOU! Use your college career center
Resume Review
Practice Interviews
On-Campus Visits Be Proactive!
Start Early
Make Connections
Warning: Don't Limit Yourself NETWORK!!
Join Professional Organizations How to talk about strengths without using Strengths language? You Got the Interview
Prep Questions...Lots of them
Pick out professional wear
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