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MAWSIG Talk 6/11/16


Andy Johnson

on 14 May 2018

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Transcript of MAWSIG Talk 6/11/16

What changed?
From writer to editor
Research, research and research!
Andy Johnson
Group and individual courses offered in/to:
Commercial Law
Human Resources
Public Sector
Technical English
Lecturing in English
Eurostar Drivers
The Swedish Parliament
The Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry
The Norwegian Maritime Authority
Medical English
Materials Writer
Courses Manager
Materials Writer/Editor
Materials Writer
Development Manager
LSO Director
Materials Editor
Involve your stakeholders early on
Manage expectations
Be flexible with the brief
Be creative in your payment terms
Prepare for difficult conversations
If anything isn't clear, say so
Agree parameters early on
Get everything in writing
Trust each other
The London School of English
offers professional, academic and general English language training to suit almost every need.
The London School of International Communication
offers intercultural, communication skills and leadership training.
LondonSchool Online
offers a range of eLearning and blended learning solutions to individuals and corporate organisations.
I became very organised, very quickly.
There were meetings. Lots of meetings.
There was a lot of interest from writers.
Tracking changes in Word became second nature.
I ended up hating almost every piece of work I had to look at.
Some listened and worked to brief.
Some preferred to call the shots.
I learnt to develop a sense of the market.
I cared passionately about the work we were creating and felt genuinely bereft if it wasn't working out the way I wanted it to.
Every project took longer than expected.
There were questions. Endless questions.
I can now do magical things design-wise in Microsoft.
Developing ESP materials for niche markets
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