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Complex sentences: dependent and independent clauses

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Mircala Lynch

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Complex sentences: dependent and independent clauses

Punctuation matters! What is a clause? Dependent and
independent clauses Complex Sentences A clause is a group of words with
a subject and a predicate.
There are two types of clauses. Dependent Clause A dependent clause doesn't make sense
by itself. It seems as an incomplete idea. You need extra information to get the message.
If you help me.
When she comes.
After the bell rang.
While I was there. Independent clause An independent clause is a group of words with complete meaning. You don't need extra information to understand the message.
I will be happy.
We go to the mall.
They went to the cafeteria.
She didn't talk to me. Complex sentence A complex sentence needs the two clauses:
dependent and independent. I will be happy. If you help me. I will be happy if you help me. complex sentence dependent clause independent clause Comma usage Dependent clause , independent clause. When she comes, we go to the mall.

After the bell rang, they went to the cafeteria. Dependent clauses are introduced
with certain words such as: if
as Any
questions Independent clause + dependent clause = NO COMMA NEEDED

Ex. I sit on my chair if you clean the mess.

Dependent clause + independent clause = YOU NEED THE COMMA

Ex. If you clean the mess, I sit on my chair.
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