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Will Grayson, Will grayson

No description

karime R

on 29 January 2017

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Transcript of Will Grayson, Will grayson

The book is told from the point of view of two teenage boys, both named Will Grayson. In Chicago, the first Will Grayson is best friends with Tiny Cooper, a Gay football player. The other Will Grayson, a homosexual from Naperville that suffers from depression, tells the second story. After Will Grayson and Will Grayson both meet each other in a porn shop called frenchys
Will Grayson #1
Will Grayson is a teenage guy who's main goal in life is to always to accept by his 2 rules: 1, Don't care too much and 2, shut up. When Will first meets Jane Turner as more than just a friend of a friend, but as a really cool girl that he likes and also finds attractive. As time goes on, Will has an internal struggle over whether to abide his rules or to follow his heart and chase after Jane. And while he is also struggling with his feelings for Jane, Will finally comes to terms with how he feels about his best friend, Tiny Cooper. As his best friend starts to drift away from Will #1 so he can spend more time with his new boyfriend (who is Will #2), Will #1 starts to realize just how much he loves Tiny Cooper.
Will Grayson #2
Will Grayson #2 is a 16 year old boy who suffers with depression and hates himself on a daily basis. Will is secretly gay and is in love with his online boyfriend, Isaac. But when Will is to finally meet Isaac in person, he finds out that Isaac had never been real and was only a fake profile that his friend had made so that he could become closer to Will. As he grieved over his nonexistent boyfriend, Will is introduced to Tiny Cooper. Tiny comforts him and becomes the most important person in Will's life in an extremely short time. Will and Tiny dated for a short while, but it wasn't long till Will's self-hatred and depression got between the two men and broke them up
Jane Turner is Will #1's love interest in the story. She convinces Will to abandon his rules after quite some time and was able to help Will achieve happiness. After they met as more than just acquaintances, they hung out more and more and began to fall in love with each other and after complications, they got together. Jane changed her views on multiple things throughout the story and her past is talked about a lot with Will #1 and Tiny.
Will Grayson, meet Will
the theme of this book is that there are many types of love that can be stronger than others Will #1 loves Tiny in a extremely strong way as his best friend while Will #2 loves Tiny in a romantic way but it didn't work out but both love Tiny very strongly all the same
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