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Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers

Justin Smith

justin smith

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Lockdown by Walter Dean Myers

Lockdown By Walter Dean Myers Plot Literary Examples Conflict Point of View Theme Favorite Quote Setting Main Character Walter Dean Myers teaches readers about the life Of Maurice Anderson in my book Lockdown Maurice Anderson- Tall, slender African American teenager,age 15
Stole prescription pads from a doctor's office and sold them to a local drug dealer.
The drug dealer got busted and ratted out Maurice Is in a juvenile facility called Progress, where he is sentenced to do 36 months.
The year he is sentenced is in modern times. The theme in Lockdown is War
Maurice is battling with himself and others in the facility
He trusts in his supervisor Mr. Pugh Maurice gets into fights With some dudes.
The first was a guy named Cobo, he was picking a guy named Toon who wanted to be in a gang, Toon and Maurice were good friends and Toon called him his Brother
Second guy Maurice called him King Kong, there was no reason for the fight, but every time Maurice walked passed King Kong, King Kong will shove his shoulder or brush up against him. That is how the fight started. Point of view is in first person through the eyes and mind of Maurice Anderson. He looks like a cartoon/ simile
They were no bigger than we were, and we were only boys/ metaphor
His hate scared me more than the pain in his foot/ metaphor Each time I think there is no place lower to go, I find there is at least one place that will mess you up more than you were. The plot is that if you trust in yourself and the right thing and keep your motivation, you will go a long ways in life.
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