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Russell Wilson

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson
By Joe Ponesse
Where/When was he born?
Russell Wilson was born November 29, 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thank you!
What collage did Russell go to / What position did he play?
Russell went to North Carolina State University from 2007 to 2011. He transferred to University of Wisconsin Madison for 2011 to 2012. He played quarterback for both schools.
What number draft pick was he/ What team?
Russel was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks on April 27th, 2012. He was the 12th pick of the third round. He was the 75th pick overall.
What was the first sport Russell played?
The first sport that Russell played was baseball. He played Class A baseball for the Texas Rangers. Later the NFL learned about his strong arm and then recruited him in to play football.
How many TD/ INT does Russell have in his NFL career?
Russell has a career total of 127 TD and he has a total of 45 INT.
How many kids/ How many siblings does he have?
Russell has one daughter named Sienna Princess Wilson.
He was one brother named Harrison Wilson and one sister named Anna Wilson.
How many rings does he have?
He has one super bowl ring with the Seattle Seahawks in 2014. That year the Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos 43 to 8.
How much does he get paid a year?
Russell gets paid a total of $12.34 million a year.
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