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Math Prezi

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on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Math Prezi

Math Presentation
By: Erica Griep, & Meghan LaCrosse
Date: December 18, 2013
Hour: 3
Problem #1
At an ice cream parlor, ice cream cones cost, $1.10 and sundaes cost $2.35. One day, the receipts for a total of 172 cones and sundaes were $294.20. How many cones were sold?
Problem #5
Your teacher is giving you a test worth 100 points containing 40 questions. There are two-point and four-point questions on the test. How many of each type of question are on the test?
Problem #10
Suppose you invest $1500 in equipment to put on T-shirts. You buy each T-shirt for $3. After you have placed the picture on a shirt, you sell it for $20. How many T-shirts must you sell to break even?
Problem #15
The local preschool ordered all new bicycles and tricycles for the new school year. Each bicycle and tricycle is shipped in its own box. Oddly, the manufacturer shipped all the wheels in a separate box. If there are 16 boxes of bicycles/tricycles total, and 45 wheels total, how many tricycles were ordered?
1.) 153 cones and 54 sundaes.
5.)30 2-point problems and 10 4-point problems.
10.) 88 T-shirts.
15.) 9 bicycles and 9 tricyles
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