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Cellphone Use in School

No description

Bolaji Odupitan

on 27 May 2015

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Transcript of Cellphone Use in School

Cellphone Use in School
The Process
The questions asked were:
1) Do you use your phone for class assignments?
2) Does using your cellphone affect your grade?
The result that we obtained were far from the data given by other resources, but were pretty accurate just like the other resources has said. Most data on the web shows an average student use of cellphones in class of 94%. Our tests show an average of 76%. Which would be 72 more students, if they were to use 400 students as we did. Although the data from other sources were generated across the nation. ERHS may just have been one of the schools that are as in use of cellphones during school hours as much as others are. It just maybe a factor of how many people were surveyed/ studied in other reserach compared to ours.
Cellphone Use in School
94% of high school students use their cell phones in classrooms.
Is this true?

Purpose of Project
We chose to do this project because, we are in an era of technology that dominates the domain in education and working environments. We seek to find out if cellphones actually affect students school performance .
We will perform a survey to find experimental data and obtain results that concern our very own school and compare this to the statistical data on schools across the nation provided by other resources.
We predict that the data we will gather will be very similar to that of the data we have gathered on the web or may even have a higher percentage of cellphone use in school.





From the survey, 304 students out of 400 said "Yes" two Question 1 and Question 2. That's a 76% saying, Yes I use my phone in class for educational reasons, but I also use it for just anything and it does in fact affect my grade. Based on the research we did, studies shown that, 86-94% of students use there phone during class, and those who do, end up having lower grades than those that do not. In our data we have asked to question (previously heard). The overall Answer two the most important question, Q#2 was Yes, the use of cellphone in class does affect their grades.
Who are we Surveying?
The individuals surveyed in this project, were; 5 males and 5 females from each class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior), all different people. Surveyed by 5 different individuals of which the project was designed by
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