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Autism Spectrum

No description

Samantha Vaughn

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Autism Spectrum

Lizzie Vaughn
Sarah Brice Autism Spectrum
Asperger's Syndrome What is Autism?
According to the Autism Science Foundation autism is, “Brain based disorder that affects a persons behavior as well as social and communication skills” (2012). Possible Causes
There is no known cause.
Possible factors include
certain infections
birth complications Characteristics of Student Social Skills
School Related Skills
Health/Movement Social Characteristics
Trouble with eye contact
Struggles with personal space
Difficulty understanding social cues
Makes inappropriate observations
Difficulty understanding others feelings
Struggles with interaction of peers own age Language Development
Incorrect use of pronouns
Trouble speaking at appropriate volume
Speaks in incomplete sentences
Difficulty understanding directional terms
Uses a persons name excessively
May have high vocabulary Behaviors
Compulsive patterns in behavior
Unusual attachment to objects
Gross motor skills developing behind peers
Causes injury to self or others Emotions
Difficulty expressing feelings
Resists changes to environment
Sensitive to certain sounds or textures School Related
Short attention span
Trouble with transitions
Struggles with reading comprehension
Trouble with following directions "A student with autism is a thinking person, not a collection of behaviors that need to be changed." - Unknown Health/Movement
Walks on toes
Seizure activity
Lack of personal hygiene Instructional Strategies and
Sensory Accommodations
Provide technology
Set up social skills groups
Consider child's social and academic needs. "Only 50 percent of the students with autism will ever have usable language," says Karen Dahle, professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham (2012).

Picture Symbols
Computer board
Cheap talk
Hip Talk (holds 4 recorded messages and up to 16 recorded speeches) Assistive Technology Programs Emory Autism Center
Summer Camps
Support Groups
The Autism Parent Training Program at Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children Parent & Teacher Programs Sources:
Autism Science Foundation (2012). What is Autism. Retrieved from http:// http://autismsciencefoundation.org/what-is-autism/

Alli, R. A. (2012, May 28). Autism Symtoms, Causes, Treatment, and More. Retrieved from http:// http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/mental-health-autism?print=true/

Rocky Point Academy (2009). Characteristics Found on the Autism Spectrum. Retrieved from http:// http://www.calgaryautism.com/characteristics.htm/

Diehl, Sylvia(2010, January 19). Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Three Case Studies. Retrieved from http://www.asha.org/Publications/leader/2010/100119/ AutismCaseStudies.htm#Anderson/

Council For Exceptional Children (2011). Strategies to Help Students with Autism. Retrieved from http:// http://www.cec.sped.org/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Advanced_Search&template=%2FCM%2FHTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID=2424/ Resources Not everyone that has autism have the same symptoms. Health care providers believe of autism as a "spectrum" disorder.
One person may have mild symptoms, while another have more severe symptoms.
Autism Spectrum disorder categories
Autistic Disorder "Classic" autism
Asperger Syndrome
Pervasive Developmental Disorder "Atypical" Autism What is an autism spectrum disorder? Signs of Autism According to WebMD, "Asperger's syndrome is a developmental disorder that makes it very hard to interact with other people. He/She is socially awkward" (2012).
They have many of the same traits of autism.
The cause is unknown What is Aspergers? Research shows there is no evidence that there is a difference between Autism and Aspergers.

There are more similarities than differences. What is the difference?
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