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Going Mobile

Chapter 5, Journalism Next

Jon Zmikly

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Going Mobile

Chapter 5, Journalism Next
Mobile Journalism
56% of American adults own smartphones
28% Andriod, 25% Apple iPhone
34% own tablets
67% ages 18-29 own smartphones
52% of adult cell owners use their phones while engaging with televised content
74% of smartphone owners use their phone to get real-time location-based information
18% use a geosocial service to “check in” to certain locations or share their location with friends (May 2012)
Mobile Technology

"Backpack Journalism" - ready for anything
Have only what you need, but be prepared
When is it a good idea to "go mobile"?
When is it a bad idea to "go mobile"?
What you need: laptop/computer, internet connection, camera, video capabilities, tripod, headphones, microphone
Light packer - cell phone
Get Your MoJo Workin!
Mobile Video
Mobile Industry
No "smart" devices - phones were for talking!
No app market - had to go through telecom industry
Open source app development
Rise of pro-am (citizen) journalism
Immediate publishing
Mobile crowdsourcing
Qik, Vine, SocialCam - anywhere, anytime
"The Good Enough Revolution" - WIRED
"Don't believe the myth of quality." - NYU new-media studies professor Clay Shirky
Mobile Multimedia
Photo, video, text, audio work together
Text is critical
Mobile Crowdsourcing
Can not be everywhere at once
Seven million people tuned in to Ustream.tv to see the rescue of the Chilean miners is 2011
what kinds of stories lend themselves to mobile journalism?
"Increasingly, news reports of major incidents include footage taken by amateurs who are on the scene by coincidence."
- Nicola Dowling, Manchester Evening News
Blog Apps - Wordpress, Tumblr
Microblogging - Twitter, Tumblr
Live blogging - made popular by TechCrunch
iPhone releases, SXSW panels
Not new posts every time - update
Tim Pool (@timcast)
Mobile Publishing
Apps For Journos on the Move
How Mobile is Changing Mass Media:
News Documentation
Citizen journalism, high-quality visuals
Mobile reporting

News Consumption:
News apps focused solely on updates
News outlets "pushing" content
Geolocation devices
"second screen," mobile payments, mobile ordering, location-based ads
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