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A Reference Resource

Christine Moeller

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Bibliography

A Reference Resource Bibliography A list of books (or sometimes other materials)
that can be organized by title, author, or subject. What is a bibliography? Since the 7th century, BCE,
when the Library of Sennacherib at Ninevah kept a list of clay tablets. How long have bibliographies existed? Yes. There are four types of bibliographies:
a listing with bibliographic information, like Books In Print
most are this type
physical description of a book
full physical description of a book
studies the printed text(s) versus the text as conceived by the author, such as a study of Shakespeare's Folios Are there different types of bibliographies? Important information about
the book is included in the listing. Other early examples include:
A catalog compiled in the 14th c. CE by Franciscan monks, listing manuscripts in over 180 English monasteries.
The first printed bibliography (1494), compiled by Johann Tritheim, listed ecclesiastical writers in chronological order and in alphabetical order.
http://tudigit.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/show/inc-iv-2/0001/thumbs?sid=916a1388e02871bf0280471a3c54ae3e#current_page Ask the wise owl about bibliographies. Some types of enumerative bibliographies: library catalogs
national bibliographies
trade bibliographies
retrospective bibliographies
periodical & newspaper bibliographies
non-print material bibliographies
bibliographies of bibliographies
subject bibliographies Factors to consider: authority
publication date (esp. print bibliographies) How are bibliographies used? to identify or verify information
to locate materials
for collection development
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