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Family Bulling

Based on a true story

Victoria Vasquez

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Family Bulling

Sarah didn’t know how to tell her family or the guy she was being physical with (Keep in mind, they were not dating anymore). Finally, Sarah got the courage to tell her grandparents, then her family, her dad and her mom. Everyone was mad at Sarah for what she did. Sarah was mad at herself for what she did. Sarah and her dad's relationship. Finally Sarah was a freshman in High School. She wanted to join a sport in order to help her lose weight but always because self-couscous. Marching band. Dating.
Falling in love.
Dated for a month.
Mostly physical.
Didn't say anything because she didn't want to lose him again. Based on a true story Family Bullying Grandmother picking on her. Leading to family picking on her. Sarah had and kept the baby. Everyone in her family was proud of her, because she decided to bring and keep a baby in her life. Sarah also finished and graduated from high school and is going to college. Everything was finally at peace in Sarah’s world. Until, it happened. The one thing she didn’t want to happen until she was married….Sarah was pregnant. Never smiled, until she started school. That is when she was the happiest, until she was in 7th grade. Sarah became so self-couscous. Diets, exorcise, cut out foods but nothing worked. She didn't know what to do, until Sarah’s mom came into the picture again and started making things a little better. Sarah loved how she had practices early in the morning and late at night because it kept out of her house and she didn't have to hear her family nagging at her. Sarah decided to stay in marching band. The next day she went to school and told her closest friends and teachers about her unexpected baby. They comforted her and told her everything was going to be all right and soon everyone in her family would come to their senses and see what a precious gift Sarah was going to have. A month into Sarah’s pregnancy, her family came to their senses and started helping Sarah.
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