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5.06 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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MaryJo Peters

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of 5.06 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

5.06 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
The effects of the French Revolution
Events during The French Revolution
Causes of the
French Revolution
The Enlightenment was part of the first steps to the French Revolution. The purpose for it was to share the idea of life, liberty, and happiness. It came around to try and create equality through everyone.
The Enlightenment
During the French Revolution, there was a horrible time of a great amount of bloodshed and the violence that comes with war. This period during the war was known as The Reign of Terror, or just the terror. The guillotine was used to decapitate peoples heads and murder the French aristocrats, and anyone else that disagreed with the French Revolution. There were thousands of people killed until the death of Robespierre, who was the head of Committee of Public Safety.
The Reign Of Terror
Napoleon Bonaparte was a man who rose quickly to the top during the French Revolution. Most importantly, he rose in the military ranks. Napoleon had crowed himself in 1804, because he had to wanted more power to rule. He crowned himself after he receiving political power in France in a coup d'etat. Not far after he was crowned, he pretty much recreated the monarch that he tried so hard to destroy himself. After that, he had wanted to try and conquer all of Europe for himself. In 1812, he tried to take over Russia, but failed to do so very badly. He had taken around 600,000 men, and only around 20,000 returned back. Since then, his life went downhill.
The Rise and Rule of Napoleon
When The Enlightenment started to happen, the Untied States liked their idea, and that made the French feel more confident. During the American Revolution, the French would then donate things to support the Americans. However, that did cost the government and France to become bankrupt. This did made the people angry with the king demanding higher taxes, but the American Revolution made it seem like the French's revolution would be possible.
The American Revolution
A great and terrifying group stormed through, a Persian mob came to destroy. They went to a great prison known as Bastille. While there before destroying it, the mob set free several inmates. After they destroyed the prison, it became a symbol of triumph over tyranny. That day is also called Bastille day and is celebrated by French citizens as a national holiday.
The Fall of Bastille
During the French Revolution, there were several wars that would be going on. There were diplomatic tensions between Europe, France, and other countries inside of Europe. Not long after that, French was launching wars with Austria. There success cause them to launch attacks around on other countries. That indicted other countries to do the same things with each other. Several of those were Italy, Germany, and Belgium.
A series of wars started
The French Revolution
Louis XVI- An Unsuccessful Leader
During the French Revolution, you may wonder how lead them through as their ruler. His name was Louis XVI, and he was not the wisest to think about the causes of his actions for his country. He had cause France to go into so much debt because he said yes to giving the Americans everything they had to support them during their revolution. As a result, that lead him to lots of famine, unemployed people, and a lot of high priced goods, as well as taxes.
King Louise XVI
France Announces War
When tensions started to get high after the absolute monarch was overthrown, there were other European monarchs eying them with suspicions. Europe did not go against them, because they all thought that war would unify their country. On the date of April 20, 1792, the Legislative Assembly declared to have war with Austria. Several other countries that France attacked after defeating Austria were Italy, Germany, and Belgium.
An example of what a guillotine was.
Declarations to a Man's Rights
The first french constitution was adopted in 1789, which was known as the Declaration of the Rights of a Man and Citizen. This idea was first adopted during the beginnings of the French Revolution. It had abolished the feudal system, and declared, liberty, equality, and fraternity, for the citizens of France. The constitution was revised to a lengthier version of it in 1793, and affirmed rights to everyone in their country.
The famous Napoleon Bonaparte.
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