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Vietnam war

No description

Louis Kreger

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Vietnam war

general information
My Lai massacre
connection to "Slaughterhouse Five"
personal evaluation
1956 – 1975
South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand
Total deaths
: about 3 million (90% civilians)
Territorial changes:
Unification of North and South Vietnam

Body count, not territory
During the Vietnam war 2.4 million tons of bombs are dropped on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
connection of the Vietnam war to "Slaughterhouse Five"
personal evaluation
Cold war military conflict
chemical weapons --> cancers/disabilities & ecological damage
America: communism was threatening
to expand all over south-east Asia
waste of energy and lives
general information
conflict between the great powers of the USA and the UdSSR
"proxy war"
communists vs.
communism seen as a threat to America
nuclear military mights
infrastructure totally destroyed
brutal practice of American soldiers is absurd
Vietnamese women were raped
no resistance
504 Vietnamese civilians tortured
and killed
dead civilians included the youngest and
oldest villagers

Thank your for listening!
If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask
evidence to charge 30 soldiers
In the end, only one soldier was convicted
My Lai massacre
--> growing antiwar sentiment
massive loss of lives and economic strains
"perfect" time to release an anti-war novel
"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers" - Jose Narosky

58,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam war
Vietnam war
one of the longest and bloodiest conflicts in world history
"There is nothing intelligent to say about a massacre" (p.23)
fate of Billy Pilgrim (Robert)
year of publication
pacifist - Hippie movement
cover up:
accusing letter of a helicopter pilot
20 to 28 civilians killed inadvertently
not seriously investigate the pilot’s report
in fact: tried to keep it secret 
Consequences for America
by Louis Kreger
“search and destroy” mission
My Lai massacre (1968)
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