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Pac-Man poem

Bradstreet poem, Pac-Man to ghosts

Hayden Sanders

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Pac-Man poem

From Pac-Man to: By: Emily Brundige and Hayden Sanders If ever like crafty convicts break, then like mist the phantoms arise. If ever I was caught in your grasp, then bring a message of demise If ever my golden jaws were to unfurl upon the final dot My reincarnation would ensure that all is not for naught I prize thy foul audacity in your relentless plight Or when shining orb consumed, thy relentless flight Compare thine wickedness not to a brigade of technicolor poltergeist Nor petty specter'us bandits performing a childish heist Thy cruelty is matched only by machine's defeated whine trapped in pixelated labyrinth's immortal repine Then while I may find disclosure when all is consumed That when my loathing will be re-kindled each new game resumed FROM PAC-MAN
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